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52 Solutions

Executive & Leadership Performance Coach, Gary Wood wrote 52 Solutions for Those Who Need a 25 Hour Day for leaders and professionals … just like you. It is available on Amazon. BUT …

In addition, you will receive a very brief, to-the-point, monthly worksheet and topic highlight that will help you with more challenging leadership situations around planning, making decisions, troubleshooting problems, communicating so people “get it” and achieving what matters.

About 52 Solutions

This book is for leaders who are serious about improving day to day effectiveness. Using it will help you improve productive work habits and hone good leadership skills. This book highlights the basics, those things that the most productive leaders around the world practice every day.

This is not a book meant for your shelf. This is a book that should be on your desktop, in your briefcase, backpack or handbag. It was written to be read, marked up and referred to every working day for at least a year. This is a book about taking action and expanding your leadership skill set. Check where you are currently and  track your progress. Implement the 5 days of self-paced exercises and coaching for each of the 52 practices. This is an everyday usable reference and workbook for men and women who experience the same daily get-it-done performance challenges Gary does.

For example:

What if you want to do much better at ‘fostering significant ideas’ within your organization, the kind of ideas that get people energized and thinking in new ways and applying new approaches? Every so often you come up with a good idea that you think could make a difference, but fail to write it down or record it. You must #6 Capture Your Thoughts. Always carry something you can record your thoughts into. It’s simple. You just need to do it consistently.

In addition, #30 Eliminate Scraps of Paper. You know it will get lost if you don’t do this.

Next, #33 Do it Now and take your idea to the appropriate person. Get them engaged. Make a case for your idea. Start the ball rolling.

If it’s a really big idea, begin to #39 Break it Down into Parts. Make it doable. Start small, but start. And remember to practice #44 Time In, Time On, Time Out. Take the time to shepherd your idea through. Don’t get caught spending so much time ‘in’ the work that you don’t take the time to work ‘on’ the idea and fostering it further.

If you put into practice even some of the strategies that this book contains, you will be a different person and a different leader one year from now. You will be more satisfied and effective. You will have accomplished more things that really matter to you. It’s entirely possible that business will be more profitable and your staff more productive. People will look to you as a role model.

All of this will happen because you paid attention to the 52 solutions this book outlines and put them into action.

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