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Burnout May be the Price You Pay for Managing Your Image

Burnout may be the price you pay for managing your image. There is a heavy cost that comes with performing for others: Being what you think they want you to be. Always agreeing, acting and adjusting just to maintain the status quo. Living with the discomfort of not being the real you. Never quite feeling you meet up unless they tell you so. And hating most of it, eaten up by feelings of self-betrayal. Wow. That's a heavy price to pay. But I see it over and over again in the work I do with leaders and professionals of all stripes. Whether [...]

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What You Believe Will Affect Dealing With Burnout

Do you believe this ... what you believe will affect dealing with burnout. It's true. I've seen it over and over again in my coaching of leaders and executives. You see, burnout and limiting beliefs often go hand in hand. The beliefs don't always have to be big, just beliefs about everyday things or what we should or shouldn't do in certain situations. Maintaining these beliefs has to do not only with what we believe but how we interpret. We feel that to consider, question or change them would violate something we cherish to be true. This shows up in all sorts [...]

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There Are No Solutions. Really?

You're experiencing some pretty significant stress in leadership right now. Maybe you're even believing there are no solutions. Really? Getting to a place in leadership where you feel there is no hope to solve burnout is a bad place to be. It says we believe there are no solutions. We've lost sight of possibilities and how to reach them. We're trapped. The lot is cast, and we have no control over it. No matter what we do or don't do, there will be very little chance of any change taking place. Of course this is a very fatalistic way to think [...]

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Avoiding Taking Action Won’t Solve Burnout

Believe me, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, avoiding taking action won't solve burnout. Often leaders believe the current situation might just go away... evaporate into thin air. They duck down low and try to pretend it isn't there. Generally we’re kidding ourselves. We really do know the truth, and mostly we know the mysterious "it" needs to be faced, but we have convinced ourselves that somehow this all just might magically disappear. The only problem is it doesn't. It hasn’t in the past and it won’t in the future. It's only wishful thinking. This is a great avoidance trick we [...]

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Fear of the Future Prevents Dealing with Burnout

As is the case with so many leaders, sometimes fear of the future prevents dealing with burnout. Burnout and fear of the future ... stress about what might be ahead and what we might have to face affects everybody from time to time. But when it gets entrenched it can be difficult to shake. We put off taking the steps to beat burnout because it could affect us in some personal way. It could affect how people see us. It could affect our position, our power or our influence. Or it could affect our career or finances. You notice how the [...]

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Stop Resisting Change and Beat Burnout

You can stop resisting change and beat burnout. It may seem like a fearful direction to take right now. But you know it is something that has to be done. An executive coach can help you make the transitions needed. Are burnout and resistance to change connected? Absolutely. Moving in a new direction usually involves some degree of change yet many experiencing burnout have failed to move forward because they are so busy resisting the very thing they need. We resist because we have become comfortable in the place in which we're at. We may even have become comfortable in [...]

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10 Attitudes that Delay Recovery from Burnout

There are 10 attitudes that delay recovery from burnout. It's often faulty thinking that stops you taking the necessary steps to move forward. Overload and burnout will continue to haunt leaders who do not examine their thinking and address the reasons they are not taking action. Often, knowing what to do and actually doing it are miles apart for busy people, so they continue running on empty, often heading for sure career burnout. The following 10 attitudes explain why the causes of overload and burnout are tolerated rather than confronted. It will take an admission that one or more of these things [...]

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Burned Out Christian Leader, Words You Need to Hear

If you are a burned out Christian leader, please do not leave this page until you read all of it. Deep down you know there are words you need to hear right now. And you know the source. Take one small step to replace your discouragement with God's encouragement. People have probably disappointed you deeply. There is one clear starting point on the road to recovery. You may be angry or carry a deep sadness. It may be difficult to even concentrate on the scriptures below. You may feel abandoned. Keep reading. Struggle through it if you have too, but [...]

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Ministry Burnout, What’s Going On?

There is a common thread to much ministry burnout and I see it regularly. You take a Christian worker who loves the Lord, and has high expectations of 'what God will do'. Make them a key decision maker carrying major responsibilities. They will prove themselves highly committed, heavily involved and willing to take on a demanding workload. They will also, with great regularity, ratchet up. Ratcheting up simply means you take the assignment (.. as the Lord has assigned to each his task. 1 Corinthians 3:5) you are sure 'God has given you' and you add to it. While working [...]

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Burnout in Christian Leadership

If you want to address burnout in Christian leadership, you have to start at the right place. At G.E.Wood , we have have professionally coached Christian pastors, executives and national and international ministry leaders since the 90's. Early on we discovered something that surprised us. It doesn't anymore. One of the first things we have learned to ask is, "Do you feel valuable?" According to our decade-long, very informal survey, about 80% of Christian leaders, particularly those experiencing overload or burnout, will pause and then answer, "No." About 80% of Christian leaders don't feel valuable. Imagine. A Christian who doesn't [...]

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