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When It Seems Like There Are No Solutions

There are times, discouraging times often, when it seems like there are no solutions. There are problems that are hard to solve. Some literally have no solution. Stress is high, decision making is tough and acceptance may be the only way forward. How we handle that acceptance is key. Eddie Askew and his wife made experiences while providing leadership and working with the Leprosy Mission in India for 15 years that allowed them to speak to this issue. This excerpt and prayer is taken from Eddie Askew's book, Disguises of Love, c.1983, The Leprosy Mission International. "In an earlier letter [...]

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Let God Out of the Box

Let God out of the box. (Between you and me, He's really not in one, but for the sake of argument and from our perspective ...) Stress and the Compartmentalization of God. There’s a title for you. On the surface, it sounds like something that would appear on some scholarly work in the journal of something or rather. But it’s really not that complicated at all. Whether you already have a walk with the Almighty or are rekindling spiritually you do well to bear in mind one simple fact. You can’t squeeze God in a box. He defies such manipulation. [...]

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Why Clarity is Important

If we understand why clarity is important, we can move forward. It sounds simple but it is true. Clarity rules. Clarity will determine whether a company responds to changing conditions or falls further back. Clarity will determine whether an individual takes the steps to move forward or flounders in mediocrity. Clarity will determine whether the population of a country will stand up for their rights or be suppressed by an iron fist. Clarity will determine whether a newly married couple will move forward in harmony or devolve into dysfunction. Clarity, is at the heart of my coaching engagements. You need [...]

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The Alcoholic Leader Spins Out of Control

Somewhere, right now, the alcoholic leader spins out of control. I've observed that slowly (or rapidly depending on the individual) the alcoholic leader, executive or professional spins out of control. Their bring havoc to themselves, their families and their endeavors becomes increasingly apparent to everyone but themselves. Where do you find them? Everywhere. In responsible public office. Running a store. Heading up a service company. Managing sensitive data. Navigating the boardroom. Flying the globe. Everywhere. You may be one of them. Many alcoholics deny they have a problem. They loudly proclaim that they are in perfect control. But to everyone [...]

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Be Your Own Success Coach

With the right mindset, you may be your own success coach.  In simplest terms a coach will help you reach for your best. If you wish to understand how to be the best you can be you must understand how to reach for excellence. That's where it starts. You must have a hunger for excellence … what I like to refer to as an attitude of excellence. That's why, at least as a starting point, you may be your own best success coach. The desire starts with you. It can't be artificially imported from the outside. The desire, the hunger [...]

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What Are You Capable Of Achieving?

What are you capable of achieving? Have you set goals and met them? You don’t know what you have the capacity for until you reach for it. You don’t know what you are capable of achieving until you must or you choose to reach for it. We all know people, who against great odds have done some pretty incredible things. Sometimes adversity created a context that meant they either reached for ‘the impossible’ or collapsed. Other times it was a conviction that they could reach some hitherto unattainable goal that drove them forward. The point is, you just don’t know [...]

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9 Common Traits of History’s Most Effective Leaders

There are 9 common traits of history's most effective leaders. This according to Charles A. Tribbett III, Andrea Redmond, and Bruce Kasanoff, authors of the 2004 book, Business Evolves, Leadership Endures. I think it is worth reviewing their observations in 2010 and I certainly recommend reading what they have written. As we are called on to provide effective leadership, each one of these traits is worth striving for. 1.    The Commitment Not to Lead a Little Life: If there is one trait that leaders share throughout history, it is the unshakeable commitment to live a life that matters. 2.    Vision: [...]

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The Bible on Leadership and Relationship

For the Christian leader, our essential resource for informing how we work is reading the Bible on leadership and relationship. Do you believe this? I sometimes present on personal effectiveness at conferences and training events. I enjoy doing it, but I will tell you that I am a Bible teacher at heart. From time to time I am asked to speak to professional groups from the scriptures. Sometimes an entire audience will be made up of leaders who may be spending their day on topics of best practice and professional improvement. The primary purpose of God’s Word is not to [...]

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Executive Boldness, Unlocking Leadership Paralysis

Are you good at unlocking leadership paralysis? Correct me if I'm wrong, but there seems to be a general dearth of executive boldness. No, I don't mean there are a lack of executives out there. Generally ... the people are there. The boldness is not. Some leaders are wired to be bold, but they are hamstrung by politics and procrastination. To unlock leadership paralysis and avoid mediocrity requires a different way of thinking ... thinking that isn't occupied with looking over its shoulder and watching its backside wondering what people will think and whether or not it's 'correct' or good [...]

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The Problem with Professional Development for Executives

There is a problem with professional development for executives. Much of it is learned by the seat of their pants. Growing professionally will happen in three ways: The Individual Takes Charge - A self motivated leader steps up and develops their own executive learning and development plan. They take responsibility and exercise the discipline to see it through. The Organization Mandates Growth - There is a clear path of expected growth and development generally tied to the desired outcomes of the organization. The Individual Learns by the Seat of Their Pants - The leader does what needs doing, is generally swamped by [...]

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