Clarity & Momentum Zeroes in Fast on a Plan of Action

Clarity & Momentum training helps Ron to:

  1. Recognize the key elements of the situation
  2. Use the model to pinpoint the problem
  3. Use the model to formulate the solution
Professional using Clarity & Momentum Thinking to solve problem and avoid burnout

Recognizing The Key Elements

Ron quickly assesses the following :

    1.    The colleague has been secretly sowing seeds of resistance behind his back, undermining his authority (and reputation.)
    2.    The colleague clearly lacks commitment to the new system
    3.    The colleague may command a lot of respect with the teams

Clarity & Momentum Pinpoints the Problem

Clarity & Momentum Framework

Ron scans up and down the Clarity & Momentum Model (partial version shown below)

Most would see there is a problem in the ownership level. His colleague is not “taking ownership” of the new system or of Ron’s leadership.

However, the Clarity & Momentum Framework would show the problem actually lies in the “Clarity” layer.


The C & M Framework stipulates that once all team members have the same understanding of facts, and that the outcomes are of value (Clarity), they can really adopt the process and take Ownership, moving forward as a team.

Clarity & Momentum Informs a Solution

The questions taught in the framework allows Ron to ask :

  • Have I provided the colleague with clarity on what the actual outcome will be?
  • Does the colleague believe this to be a worthy goal?
  • What is his understanding of the facts and what are his underlying assumptions?

But, Ron’s Troubles Are Not Yet Over

Ron arrives at work on Thursday morning but is sequestered in an urgent meeting about the new reporting system.

Apparently there are grave errors in the report. Sales shows a 15% increase in revenue last month but Finance shows revenue is actually down by 20%!

The quarterly financial review is due in 3 days and without clear and accurate accounting, the company is in danger of losing investors.

This is a serious problem, and Ron’s job security is definitely at risk.

Most people would be caught off guard, but Ron faces this problem head on using Clarity & Momentum Thinking …

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