Want an Action Plan Advantage?

What are your desired outcomes from this upcoming week, the next quarter or the year ahead?

What do you need to do to make those things happen …

… find a solution?
… take advantage of an opportunity?
… troubleshoot something that isn’t working?
… just focus, tweak, maintain momentum and get the job done?

Let’s Be Clear

Those who get an Action Plan Advantage

  • Find solutions.
  • Take advantage of opportunities.
  • Troubleshoot problems more accurately.
  • Focus. Adjust, maintain momentum and GET THE JOB DONE.

Making Plans

I’ll bet hardly a day goes by that you don’t make a plan to achieve something.

We’re always creating action plans. Some smaller. Some bigger. Sometimes just involving us. Sometimes as leaders and professionals involving tens, hundreds or thousands of others.

Sometimes our action plans (or our contribution to those plans) affect projects, programs, causes, companies or whole countries.

  • Perhaps you have a plan and you’re not yet achieving what you set out to achieve.
  • Maybe you are well down the path of achieving but have a sense you can do even better … or achieve even more.
  • Could it be you need to do some major troubleshooting to correct a problem or get things back on track?
  • Or maybe you don’t really have much of a plan at all.

Getting an Action Plan Advantage

Action plans come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big … like strategic plans for corporations with a lot of moving parts.

Other action plans are smaller, more focused on you, your family, your group or your team.

But the simple truth is …

Far too many action plans fail or falter.

Goals get set but outcomes don’t get reached.

In many cases the dream of what’s possible dies.

More often individuals and organizations simply live with the frustration and disappointment of not being able to make something happen.

It’s crucial you can pinpoint what’s going on and what to pay attention to in order to move things forward. Reaching a successful conclusion is all about making your action plan work.

Why Clarity is So Essential

I’ve discovered over many years that the Clarity Model helped to give individuals and organizations that Action Plan Advantage.

With the Clarity Model as their “operating system” they are able to come up with:

  • More informed options
  • More complete solutions
  • More strategic execution
  • More achieved outcomes

That’s why I started training coaches and other leaders and professionals in the use of the Clarity Model.

If you want to gain this kind of advantage then you MUST pay attention to five critical clusters of activity and thinking that The Clarity Model highlights. Why? Because they reflect the way God set it up in the first place.

  • Defining Outcomes – getting guiding direction and specific objectives in sync is like super-charging all that follows
  • Getting Clarity – reaching clarity around any number of things can either accelerate you forward at a faster rate
  • Taking Ownership – decisions, attitudes, positions and postures will make you or break you (or the staff, department …)
  • Creating Structure – aligning everything needed to reach outcomes is like a goal multiplier
  • Maintaining Momentum – getting started, staying focused and knowing where to make critical adjustments puts you way ahead

Write those five areas down somewhere. Your decision-making will ALWAYS center around one of those five areas. No matter if it is at home, at work or from the smallest to largest organization or company. Always.

And if you pay attention to this, you will have an Action Plan Advantage.

Imagine that.

You’ll be among the 3% who achieve more than the other 97% combined … why? … because you have a quality action plan and you keep executing the highest priorities until you reach success.


Finding Solutions

Clarity isn’t something people tend to go out looking for. They look for a solution to their problem. Their problem is that they are not achieving what they want to achieve. They’re having problems with their action plan. Or … they know they can do even better.

Do you see that?

They want to fix their action plan and keep things on track. Clarity is but the means we can give them to get there.

Action Plan Achievement is the real outcome everybody wants. They want their plans to come to fruition. They want a plan that works. You can measure achievement. It either happens or it doesn’t.

Clarity “shows up” in a good action plan and the results that implementing it produces.

A successfully executed action plan is the object. Clarity is only a means, a tool, a methodology to get there.

But … without that crucial clarity, nothing else will move forward, guaranteed.

Get clarity … for you, your clients or your organization.