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A warm welcome to our new readers. These work life balance articles, performance coaching tips, shared experiences, insights, quotes and comments are offered to challenge, empower and inspire you.

Hopefully the occasional post will cause you to make some adjustment, in thinking or in action, so you can be the very best God gave you potential to be, at work, at home, in leadership and in service to others.

Thank you for increasing the number of people who read this blog. Evidently you’ve appreciated what you’ve read and recommended it to friends, colleagues or staff. We appreciate that.

Get the Action Plan Advantage

Want an Action Plan Advantage? What are your desired outcomes from this upcoming week, the next quarter or the year ahead? What do you need to do to make those [...]

Tame Your Long To-Do List

Do you have your to-do list with you? Simply writing an assortment of to-dos on a list doesn't mean it is the final list. Every individual and organization creates lists. [...]

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