Accomplish More While Traveling

Huge amounts of time can be consumed with getting somewhere. But often you can achieve useful work while travelling. Prepare work to take with you. If you have to drive, this is a good time to listen to training and motivational messages. It can also be used to get your thoughts recorded. Just remember not to do anything that will distract you from driving and thereby endanger lives.

If you don’t have to drive, take the type of work that you will be able to concentrate on given both the distractions and benefits of plane, rail or bus travel. Keep in mind the amount of space you may have available to work in.

Putting any number of pages together in a binder will keep materials together and provide you a surface to work on. You should be able to get some good quality work or thinking done, despite having to travel.

“Of all human talents, among the most precious ones is this ability to discern opportunities around oneself, when others do not. In a given situation, one person will say “there is nothing to do,” whereas another will find dozens of things to do and enjoy. The individual who is truly engaged with the world – interested, curious, excited – is never at a loss for opportunities to experience flow.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Good Business

Five Days of Action

Take the time to think about how you traditionally use your time when traveling. What do you do? What do you listen to? Watch? Think about? When do you need to relax? Work? This is the time to take your travel inventory.

When traveling, what type of work can you best accomplish? What tools do you need to accomplish this? A digital recorder? Binder? Notebook? Phone with appropriate technology? Start assembling your travel office.

If you haven’t already, start your library of training, motivational or fictional audio or music downloads for listening to in transit. Assemble whatever will represent the best use of your time to relax or grow.

Preplan your trip. Is there a full project or some aspect of it you could think about, record your thoughts on or further execute? Some good preplanning will maximize your time.

Don’t forget about good old-fashioned talking to people. Build relationships. Sometimes this is more energizing (and often more profitable) than many other things you can do.