Gary Wood Executive Coaching Action Plan Achiever

Clarity & Momentum Rights and Restrictions
Version: March 23, 2018

You May: 

  • Use this knowledge, personally and professionally to assist your own thinking and be of help to others.
  • Use the various representations of the model, where possible with full attribution as outlined below. (For example, you don’t need to write attribution under something you’ve drawn on a flip-chart. You do on a handout.)
  • Use any of the workbook exercises to help those you serve.
  • Use Clarity & Momentum Thinking as the genesis for assets you might create to help others.
  • Use any earned recognition, logo and certification on your own materials.

You Must: 

  • All representations of the model you use in any media for third parties must include the following attribution. There is no requirement for an active link.
    • “Copyright, Action Plan Achiever.”

You Cannot: 

  • Represent Clarity & Momentum (thinking, model, framework, dashboard etc) as your own.
  • Teach exclusively Clarity & Momentum content as a stand-alone course of your own.
  • Re-teach any Clarity & Momentum/Action Plan Achiever course. That right is reserved by Action Plan Achiever and G.E.Wood & Associates.
  • Send your complete training materials in any form to another party.

You are Encouraged: 

  • To give credit where credit is due when you work with the model.
  • To continue building Clarity & Momentum proficiency by attending on-going practitioner events as they are announced and available.

Clarity & Momentum Thinking/Training/Model/Framework and Clarity Model etc., are all used in the normal course of representing this material. Action Plan Achiever, is the property of G.E. Wood and Associates Information may be found at