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Focusing On Priority

There Must be a Better Way Some days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.People are loading it on us from all directions, and like so many high-contribution leaders, we’re often loading “it” on ourselves.“It,” a catchword of crowded to-do’s, the daily grind, and demand for attention. “It,” the stuff of expectations and other people’s agendas and behaviors. A multitude of variations – external and internal - but one thing is for sure, “it” doesn’t much let up. Through those overwhelming periods, some of us put our heads down and plow through (with high stress,) more or less randomly getting those things [...]

Focusing On Priority2018-11-05T22:39:48+00:00

An achiever gets things done.

An achiever gets things done. They bring projects and priorities to completion. But not just any projects or priorities … they focus like a laser-beam on executing on those things which will make the biggest difference moving forward, and contribute to what matters most to them. All of us get out of bed in the morning with an action plan, even those who have a plan to do nothing. We determine those things we will accomplish throughout the day. Those daily accomplishments often feed into larger objectives we have in life, work or leadership. Taking the time to learn a [...]

An achiever gets things done.2018-08-15T00:33:58+00:00

How to Achieve Projects and Priorities Faster and Easier

When you or your organization is uncertain about how to move a project or initiative forward, everything can come to a screeching halt. Chances are, the right decision is right in front of you, but you are too close to it to see it clearly.  Here are some possible scenarios: You have a big decision to make that can significantly affect your future. You are stuck at a plateau and feel yourself slipping. The people in your organization are drifting or worse yet, detaching. You are starting to feel burned out, overwhelmed and confused. You need a spark of creative [...]

How to Achieve Projects and Priorities Faster and Easier2019-01-03T22:37:30+00:00

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