The Servant Leadership Smart Management Imperative

On the Job Leadership

The Servant Leadership Smart Management Imperative   “How Can I Serve You?” This one question captures the servant leadership, smart management mindset. There are books in my library that I continue to go back to over time. Often my return visit is to a single well marked page or two, … Read More

7 Reasons I Wouldn’t be Without the Clarity Model

Key reasons for knowing the Clarity Model

  Here are 7 reasons I wouldn’t be without the Clarity Model. All of them relate to the fact that on any given day I need to move priorities forward. It doesn’t matter what hat I happen to have on, personal, professional or leader, I need the tools to get the … Read More

Failing Forward, Revisiting John Maxwell’s Book

Find new ways. Learn from failures.

A recent client mentioned something he’d once read in John Maxwell’s book, Failing Forward. He also mentioned that he’d lent his copy out and should get it back and revisit what was said. Since I happened to have a copy, I wrote out several of my underlined passages that I … Read More

Get the Action Plan Advantage

Action Plan Achiever

Want an Action Plan Advantage? What are your desired outcomes from this upcoming week, the next quarter or the year ahead? What do you need to do to make those things happen … … find a solution? … take advantage of an opportunity? … troubleshoot something that isn’t working? … … Read More

Do It Now

Do it Now

Do it now.  Those who do not procrastinate get more done with less stress and more satisfaction. Don’t put off dealing with procrastination! Having a project hang over your head for extended periods of time can be painful. Usually there is one small (or large) piece to any project that … Read More