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Reading the Signposts that Can Lead to Burnout

You or one of your key leaders may be at a crossroads. Just a choice or two will determine where you end up. Burnout is one destination. You get there by way of people, attitudes, actions and reactions that wear you down and make you realize control of your own situation is fast slipping away. You allow others to get there by not caring, not paying attention or not knowing what to do and just pretending you don't see it. Reading the signposts that can lead to burnout may be crucial in determining what you do next. As a leader, [...]

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Preventing Police Burnout, What You Can Do

I've discovered that you can play a role in preventing police burnout. I'm no expert in this area but here's what some of the best practices include. We look at 4 groups who can contribute to solutions. Helping Your Colleagues Be supportive of new people. Your goal is to build them up to be the best they can be. Don't make it a competition but a collaboration. Assist them in every way possible. If it ever comes up, don't be a part of ostracizing for any reason. And watch if they begin to withdraw themselves from the daily camaraderie. Make [...]

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Pastor Burnout, This is Not the End of the Road

I probably don't have to tell you that pastor burnout has reached near epidemic proportions in our Christian community. I well understand what it is to be 'on call' 24/7, ministering each week, financially challenged, looked to for even the smallest decisions and having to deal with challenging people who's attitudes seem designed to frustrate even the smallest steps forward ... along with realizing that I probably only see a tiny fraction of my own weaknesses. You're probably saying, “And that's only the beginning.” I get that. I know you have your story too. Maybe you are succumbing to the [...]

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Employee Burnout – There Are Solutions

Dealing with employee burnout and the stressful periods that lead up to it cost organizations huge sums of money every year. But more tragic than this is the fact that all that thought leadership and contribution has been lost. It's gone. Our clients have been men and women who are leaders or professionals in small business, large corporate settings, government, nonprofit and community setting. What that says to you is that overload and burnout happens everywhere across every spectrum of workplace experience. Workplace stress comes in a variety of shades. Recognizing employee burnout and doing something about it will take [...]

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Career Burnout

Career burnout is often accelerated by subtle (or not so subtle) signals from those above (read, management). If you are the owner ... you may put out these messages. Executives often perceive and talk about negative work attitudes or postures that are taken by those they report to. Even at the highest levels of the organization this can occur. It is clear that one key area of job burnout is the conflict between the values of doing well on the job and doing well at home and in your personal life. Having a healthy total life is crucial for success. [...]

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Are You a Burned Out Christian Leader?

Here Are Words You Need to Hear. If you are a burned out Christian leader, please do not leave this page until you read all of it. Deep down you know there are words you need to hear right now. And you will know the source. Take one small step to replace your discouragement with God's encouragement. People have probably disappointed you deeply. There is one clear starting point on the road to recovery. You may be angry or carry a deep sadness. It may be difficult to even concentrate on the scriptures below. You may feel abandoned. Keep reading. [...]

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Addiction to Adrenaline Hinders a Solution to Burnout

Sometimes addiction to adrenaline hinders a solution to burnout. This can be serious. Leaders, executive, entrepreneurs and professionals are candidates and many probably don't even realize it. Overload and burnout can sometimes be very closely tied with adrenaline levels. When we constantly need to be out facing stressful situations, adrenaline levels need to be up. And when there are consistently "not enough hours in the day", we may be running on adrenaline. We've even coined a modern term for this incessant activity. We call it "hurry disease." Imagine ... "disease". That can't be good. Adrenaline is a drug. It was given by the Creator [...]

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Facing Tough Issues to Beat Burnout

Believe me, facing tough issues to beat burnout is a small price to pay for the peace at the other end. I don't mean dealing with some of the causes of your stress will be simple or that it won't possibly be emotional, but facing those issues once and for all will pay a dividend in the end. Take responsibility to do something about this significant stress - not something that you've done before that hasn't worked but taking those actions that will work, the hard ones. Sounds simple. So why do we so often avoid it? Because we don't want to face [...]

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Saying No Can Help Deal With Burnout

Sometimes personal boundaries are violated because we don't speak up for ourselves. It's true that saying no can help deal with burnout. We need to learn how to say 'No' to people who do not respect our time, energy and willingness to contribute. Boundaries are kind of like fences around your property. They stop other people from using or abusing your property. They stop others from throwing their garbage on what belongs to you. If you have no fences, anyone can throw anything they want on your property, and chances are, they will. That's what it's like when we fail to say ‘no’ [...]

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Lack of Confidence to Deal With Burnout

Do you have a lack of confidence to deal with burnout? Afraid that after you attempt some changes you'll still land right back in the same old situation all over again? It doesn't have to be. You can change your thinking and take more effective actions. And I've worked with many leaders and professionals who have. Burnout and lack of confidence are often closely connected. This uncertainty in moving forward is a subtle and pervasive attitude to have if we really want to beat burnout. We're afraid that no matter what we do, we'll most likely end up right back where we [...]

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