Those things, which if not paid attention to, can create career limiting problems for you at work and in leadership.

Completing an Executive Assessment

Completing an executive assessment is a critical first step for the effective development and deployment of leadership. When combined with thorough analysis and insightful debriefing, the proper assessment is powerful. And I can't stress the debriefing enough. I'm being extreme, but just about everybody and their cousin provides some type of assessment. And all those who debrief assessments are not equal. There is debriefing and then there is quality so buyer beware. Here's How Our Executive Assessment Engagement Works: You contact us to discuss what it is you wish to accomplish We determine a strategy, what assessments to use and [...]

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Addiction to Adrenaline Hinders a Solution to Burnout

Sometimes addiction to adrenaline hinders a solution to burnout. This can be serious. Leaders, executive, entrepreneurs and professionals are candidates and many probably don't even realize it. Overload and burnout can sometimes be very closely tied with adrenaline levels. When we constantly need to be out facing stressful situations, adrenaline levels need to be up. And when there are consistently "not enough hours in the day", we may be running on adrenaline. We've even coined a modern term for this incessant activity. We call it "hurry disease." Imagine ... "disease". That can't be good. Adrenaline is a drug. It was given by the Creator [...]

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What You Believe Will Affect Dealing With Burnout

Do you believe this ... what you believe will affect dealing with burnout. It's true. I've seen it over and over again in my coaching of leaders and executives. You see, burnout and limiting beliefs often go hand in hand. The beliefs don't always have to be big, just beliefs about everyday things or what we should or shouldn't do in certain situations. Maintaining these beliefs has to do not only with what we believe but how we interpret. We feel that to consider, question or change them would violate something we cherish to be true. This shows up in all sorts [...]

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There is Power in a Decision

There is power in a decision. Connect me up with a good (but old) James Michener novel and I’m a happy guy. Mr. Michener was once asked if he could explain his process for book writing. His explanation, “I begin four or five years in advance. I keep thinking about things, what I would like to do, I make little outlines, and then I come to the moment of decision and I dig in.” What can a “moment of decision” cause a person to do? Michener explains, “I get up at 7:30 a.m., and work very diligently all morning. I [...]

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A Few Simple Things for the Emerging Leader

So you are an emerging leader … ready to jump in there and give it your all? Let’s talk about joining up, starting up, volunteering, letting you name stand, registering and preparing. As a young leader you may be caught up in a whirlwind of activity. You want to be involved in everything and miss nothing. You’re eager to contribute and available to help out. But, should you be involved in everything or have you bought into a schedule and pace that is less noble than it may at first appear? There is no doubt that we need workers. And [...]

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Hey Leader. What Can You Do About Workplace Bullying?

What can you do about workplace bullying? Here's some thoughtful reflection. Don’t be naive. Workplace bullying happens. And it can – and may be – happening right in your workplace. You name the group of people that work together for whatever reason and it can happen right there. Thank God if it isn’t … but it can if the conditions are right. You May Not Have Seen It - or - Are Unable to Yet to Admit It Don’t kid yourself. Unless you as the leader are on the ball, the perpetrator will have it well hidden from you. You’re being [...]

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Why Clarity is Important

If we understand why clarity is important, we can move forward. It sounds simple but it is true. Clarity rules. Clarity will determine whether a company responds to changing conditions or falls further back. Clarity will determine whether an individual takes the steps to move forward or flounders in mediocrity. Clarity will determine whether the population of a country will stand up for their rights or be suppressed by an iron fist. Clarity will determine whether a newly married couple will move forward in harmony or devolve into dysfunction. Clarity, is at the heart of my coaching engagements. You need [...]

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The Alcoholic Leader Spins Out of Control

Somewhere, right now, the alcoholic leader spins out of control. I've observed that slowly (or rapidly depending on the individual) the alcoholic leader, executive or professional spins out of control. Their bring havoc to themselves, their families and their endeavors becomes increasingly apparent to everyone but themselves. Where do you find them? Everywhere. In responsible public office. Running a store. Heading up a service company. Managing sensitive data. Navigating the boardroom. Flying the globe. Everywhere. You may be one of them. Many alcoholics deny they have a problem. They loudly proclaim that they are in perfect control. But to everyone [...]

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Be Your Own Success Coach

With the right mindset, you may be your own success coach.  In simplest terms a coach will help you reach for your best. If you wish to understand how to be the best you can be you must understand how to reach for excellence. That's where it starts. You must have a hunger for excellence … what I like to refer to as an attitude of excellence. That's why, at least as a starting point, you may be your own best success coach. The desire starts with you. It can't be artificially imported from the outside. The desire, the hunger [...]

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Fast Response, the Small Business Entrepreneur’s Advantage

The hallmark of a small business entrepreneur is that they can give a fast response. We all have a sense that corporate and government wheels grind slowly as decision making winds its way through successive layers of bureaucracy. But the small business person can make a decision quickly. Do they? Often yes. But many times no. Often hanging on to a dream, a method, a boast, an image or a feeling, the small business entrepreneur waits too long to respond quickly to reality and implement needed changes. The result is that they either run out of time or money and [...]

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