Change happens. Transition is how we deal with it.

What Is Your Problem? Saying it Clearly

What is your problem? Saying it clearly will help you find solutions. And if you can't admit what it is, trying new things won't solve it. Your efforts will be squandered chasing phantoms. Make the real thing the real thing. Probably more important than talking about your problem is taking the time to define your problem in the clearest of terms. Defining is the place to start. Once that is done you will have a clearer conversation. And it will be your gut, your emotions, your feelings that will let you know how good your definition is. When it is [...]

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This Past Week, Four Important Posts

August 24: How to Deal with Resistance to Change Resisting needed change has destroyed relationships, marriages, families, organizations, companies, programs and nations. Change starts with the individual. On Monday, we provided an 8 step strategy to initiate change. That doesn't mean it will be easy, but it does mean that it is possible. It's going to first of all mean a change of attitude that embraces the new possibilities that change will produce. August 25: Whose Problem is It? Knowing who it is that has the problem is the vital first step in finding solutions. Someone else may have projected [...]

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How to Deal with Resistance to Change

We need to understand how to deal with resistance to change. Why? Because many times we do not change, even though we may deep down wish to. We do not achieve those things we wish to achieve because we refuse to let go of our old ways. It's easier to stay where we are than to take those first few steps which will set us on a new course. And so we stay stuck. Most times it is completely a problem of attitude or thinking, of refusing to take ownership of a new way. Yes, we may need to learn [...]

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The Christian Leader’s 5 Stress Relieving Prayers

The Christian leader's 5 stress relieving prayers are not neat tidy little formulas which once uttered create magic. They are as much about attitude and posture as they are about pronouncement. Every passage of scripture can form the source of a prayer that springs from the heart of the leader.  Search out your own. Make them daily habit and they will transform your life and your leadership. Leadership is transformational. It is as much about changing the leader as it is affecting those led. Absorbing the intent of these simple lines will transform us. Living them out will transform the [...]

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The Lone Voice of Leadership

Sometimes one person is the lone voice of leadership, the one who sees circumstances and solutions with a clarity that those around them, higher in the organizational chart or not, do not yet see. The leader makes the case for change. They paint pictures to illustrate the needs and the solutions. They articulate the vision to all who will listen. They work with numbers and trends and statistics to help others 'get' it. They work every political avenue they know to effect positive forward moving change. This is the task of holding a vision of what can be. This is [...]

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Reasons People Are On the Board

There are various reasons people are on the Board. The experience of coaching a board comes in a lot of flavors. There are boards for every organization imaginable. They range from the simplest of community groups to the most sophisticated of corporate enterprise. One can run into some real resistance while coaching boards. It is not because people are trying to be obstinate and unhelpful. It's because they have a way of thinking lodged in their psyche and it needs to undergo a shift. My job as an executive coach is not to make the unwilling change their mind. My job [...]

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What Is Your Recipe for Success?

What is your recipe for success? I decided to have a little fun and see if I could come up with my own recipe. Once I got started it was easier than I thought. So for your (success) dining enjoyment, today I have prepared for you ... Try this tested recipe. Preheat to where you’re ready to change. Add someone who is committed to helping you reach your goals Mix in your biggest challenge or largest dream. Add some honesty in seeing yourself as you really are, generous amounts of openness to learn, try and experiment, and a heap of [...]

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9 Good Reasons to Have Your Nonprofit Executive Director work with an Executive Coach

If you are a board member, here are nine good reasons to have your nonprofit Executive Director work with an Executive Coach ... and I've seen all of them. There may be 4 - 5  million boards in North America alone. A significant percentage of those will be small to medium sized nonprofits. Years ago already, Peter Drucker thought it was very likely that nonprofits employed "more people than federal, state and local government put together." Probably the majority of those nonprofits are led by non-professionals. (At least they are not a professional when they start.) That is not to [...]

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Why Recession is the Best Time for Using an Executive Coach

Is there a best time for using an executive coach? Would it be in good times or bad? Would it be as the economy is going into recession or coming out? Is it now or is it sometime later?  Is there a right time? I suppose the short answer is 'anytime'. Brilliant leaders recognize that they constantly need to be repositioning and realigning their thinking, attitudes, systems and actions. But there is something to be said about times of recession. We get told we have rounded a corner. The signs point to a slow recovery, but the economy has apparently turned for the [...]

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Executive Coaching and Self-Reflection

I maintain that executive coaching and self-reflection go together like a hand and glove. Just tonight I read a post from B.J. Hawkins, Making Work-Life Balance Work in Your Entrepreneurial Company. In it he related what I think is a brilliant insight. In talking about his past work life, B.J. related, "I was working an average of 18 hours a day. A lot of our clients were located in the Caribbean, and flights from the West Coast are long and arduous. Fortunately, I've engaged for years in a practice of self-reflection, asking trusted advisors to help me see myself as [...]

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