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Failing Forward, Revisiting John Maxwell’s Book

A recent client mentioned something he'd once read in John Maxwell's book, Failing Forward. He also mentioned that he'd lent his copy out and should get it back and revisit what was said. Since I happened to have a copy, I wrote out several of my underlined passages that I thought might be encouraging, challenging and inspiring for my friend. I thought you might feel the same. So here they are, just as I sent them off to my client. Failing Forward, John Maxwell, c. 2000, Maxwell Motivation Inc. “What distinguishes winners from losers is that winners concentrate at all [...]

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Is Busyness Your Reality or Your Trophy?

Ever think of how subtle the pride of being busy can be? Far too many leaders and professionals want to boast about being busy .. not as a fact (because we ARE busy), but as an indication of something else. An attitude perhaps. Something that feeds a need within me to get recognized as important. After all, busyness equals importance, right? Not so fast. It's one thing to be busy. It's another thing to want people to know I'm busy. Let's be clear. I'm not advocating never telling someone you're busy. I'm advocating not making such a pronouncement to feed [...]

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What Hinders Productivity and Performance?

What hinders productivity? In most organizations, it's people, their attitudes and actions that will determine performance and productivity. People are critical to success. It's people who interact with each other and the systems that are in place to get the job done. When both leaders and employees or volunteers are aligned with the mission of what needs to happen and the vision of what they want that effort to ultimately achieve and when they are committed to give it their very best, there is no limit to what might be possible. When that is not the case, a downward spiral [...]

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Speaking and Seminars

Gary accepts a limited number of engagements for training, speaking and seminars throughout the year. He is a gifted in-person and online presenter and trainer with a passion for helping audiences do better, achieve more and thrive. No matter what the forum, attendees leave feeling encouraged and empowered to take action and make changes. Many of them report insights and new tools and approaches they can use right away. Gary’s conferences always provide the audience with compelling challenges that lead to positive and lasting change. Gary wants to get down to business with his audience and asks them to think [...]

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Facing Tough Issues to Beat Burnout

Believe me, facing tough issues to beat burnout is a small price to pay for the peace at the other end. I don't mean dealing with some of the causes of your stress will be simple or that it won't possibly be emotional, but facing those issues once and for all will pay a dividend in the end. Take responsibility to do something about this significant stress - not something that you've done before that hasn't worked but taking those actions that will work, the hard ones. Sounds simple. So why do we so often avoid it? Because we don't want to face [...]

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Lack of Confidence to Deal With Burnout

Do you have a lack of confidence to deal with burnout? Afraid that after you attempt some changes you'll still land right back in the same old situation all over again? It doesn't have to be. You can change your thinking and take more effective actions. And I've worked with many leaders and professionals who have. Burnout and lack of confidence are often closely connected. This uncertainty in moving forward is a subtle and pervasive attitude to have if we really want to beat burnout. We're afraid that no matter what we do, we'll most likely end up right back where we [...]

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What You Believe Will Affect Dealing With Burnout

Do you believe this ... what you believe will affect dealing with burnout. It's true. I've seen it over and over again in my coaching of leaders and executives. You see, burnout and limiting beliefs often go hand in hand. The beliefs don't always have to be big, just beliefs about everyday things or what we should or shouldn't do in certain situations. Maintaining these beliefs has to do not only with what we believe but how we interpret. We feel that to consider, question or change them would violate something we cherish to be true. This shows up in all sorts [...]

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Stop Resisting Change and Beat Burnout

You can stop resisting change and beat burnout. It may seem like a fearful direction to take right now. But you know it is something that has to be done. An executive coach can help you make the transitions needed. Are burnout and resistance to change connected? Absolutely. Moving in a new direction usually involves some degree of change yet many experiencing burnout have failed to move forward because they are so busy resisting the very thing they need. We resist because we have become comfortable in the place in which we're at. We may even have become comfortable in [...]

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7 Ways to Prepare for Confrontation

Finding 7 ways to prepare for confrontation generally doesn't appear on the leader or executive's job description. But it raises its objectionable head on every leader's to-do list. Everyone has to deal with conflict and confrontation many times throughout their career. Sometimes there is no warning. Confrontation just happens. Other times we know it needs to happen and we do our best when in the heat of the moment. We somehow get through it, as distasteful as it is. There is a better way. In all cases we can prepare for handling confrontation when and wherever it comes up. It doesn't [...]

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Handling Confrontation in Leadership

Handling confrontation in leadership is a part of every decision maker's unspoken job description. Overcoming fear of confrontation is helped by taking some time to think about it and plan for it happening prior to it every actually occurring. Deal with conflict and confrontation. You are the leader. If it is your job, don't let it sit. Develop the confrontation skills needed and use them. Agreed, it's not pleasant and you don't want to do it, but handling confrontation is yours to deal with. Rehearse the upcoming conversation in your mind. Operate and benefit from preparation. Anticipate possible reactions and your [...]

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