Tame Your Long To-Do List

Do you have your to-do list with you? Simply writing an assortment of to-dos on a list doesn't mean it is the final list. Every individual and organization creates lists. We call them action plans. Sometimes they’re big like a strategic plan covering many years, large workforces, several countries and multiple products or programs. Other times they’re more personal, like the around-home to-do list that gets the lawn mowed, the dog washed, the washer in the hose changed, the windows cleaned, next week’s meals planned, the … well, you get the picture. Plans come in all shapes and sizes. All [...]

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Beacon Bible Camp and the Origins of the Clarity Model

I've been asked a number of times before, “How did the Clarity Model get started?” So, here’s the backstory - the origins of the Clarity Model. The model really had its genesis back in the early to mid 90’s when Alice and I set aside business for a time and I took over as Executive Director of Beacon Bible Camp. Leadership and Management It was a pretty intense time of leadership as you can imagine. Beacon was a small but vibrant organization and we were the only full-time couple who were there. We felt the weight of taking over leadership [...]

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Clarity Training is Essential

I operate under a simple belief. Every Christian leader and professional should have Clarity Training in their tool box. Clarity Training is essential. I believe any new leadership team should absolutely understand the Clarity Model. I believe any organization that wants to be successful should ensure Clarity Training for their key people. And I'll go even further. I actually believe that every young person in college or university should have Clarity Training under their belt before they graduate. Seeing yourself and your situation clearly and knowing what to do next is just that important. That's true for individuals and it's [...]

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12 Reasons Christian Camps Must Measure Performance

It still has me shaking my head. For the life of me, after so many years involvement and interest, I cannot understand why Christian camps fail to measure their performance. (And I mean far more than just creating the annual financial report and telling us how many campers attended this past year.) Sure, there was a day (remember, “back when we were there”, "back in the day") when things were simpler. Decision-making information and resulting conversation seemed clearer and contained far less layers of complexity. But not anymore. C’mon. God’s still the same, but the days we live in and [...]

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Coaching One Leader Matters

I work with Christians who make things happen (just like you) - in companies, nonprofits, governments and ministries. I train and coach them to more quickly zero in on what matters, what's priority and what to do next. Leverage and multiplication drives me (and has for 40 years). It's a prime motivator. Where I can assist 10 leaders, they can reach 10,000 or more. Where I can add value to 1000 leaders, they can serve and impact 1,000,000. Amazing isn't it. Multiplication and leverage. So, if I can assist you to work and lead more effectively every day (and I [...]

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Using an Assessment for Hiring a Christian Camp Leader

Using a quality assessment for hiring a Christian camp leader pays off. Here's exactly how it works and why. The leaders you hire to represent, lead or head up key positions in your camp are pivotal to your future success. Do not take this responsibility of choosing them lightly. Obviously in a Christian camp, much prayer and discussion should surround such an important decision. In addition there are truly some great, and I believe essential, tools to help you with that decision-making process. Before hiring key on-site and permanent staff at a Christian camp, I believe it’s critical to be [...]

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Christian Leadership Coaching

Why Christian Leadership Coaching? Christian leadership coaching is engaged by Christian leaders and executives because like any other business or organizational leader, they want something to be different. They are intent on addressing personal, professional or organizational concerns. However, they want to work with a seasoned professional Coach who in addition to assisting them with business and ministry goals, shares a common Lord, common spiritual language and a common ultimate life purpose. Typically, and this is certainly true of our clients, they want more out of their total life. And while the emphasis of coaching may be oriented toward work, [...]

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Christian Camping Builds Leaders and Professionals

I believe Christian camping's contribution to leadership around the world is significant. I also believe that some of the best professionals, entrepreneurs, workers, givers and contributors to society can look back to attendance and service at camp as a defining factor in their younger years that influenced their growth as people and professionals. Now I'll admit to being biased (even after many years of formally being away from camp). I love camp. I love working with the leaders. I love the young men and women in whom I see such potential. I love teaching the scriptures. I love those one [...]

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Speaking and Seminars

Gary accepts a limited number of engagements for training, speaking and seminars throughout the year. He is a gifted in-person and online presenter and trainer with a passion for helping audiences do better, achieve more and thrive. No matter what the forum, attendees leave feeling encouraged and empowered to take action and make changes. Many of them report insights and new tools and approaches they can use right away. Gary’s conferences always provide the audience with compelling challenges that lead to positive and lasting change. Gary wants to get down to business with his audience and asks them to think [...]

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