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Christian Coaches Network Executive Coach

Since 1998, I have been profiled as a Christian Coaches Network Executive Coach. I've also been privileged to be President, Past President and serve on the Board for CCN over the years. This is truly a great group of professionals to be associated with. To find my profile at CCN, click on Find a Coach and type, Gary Wood. Christian Coaches Network is a membership organization of Christian coaching professionals started in 1998. Member coaches represent a broad cross section of life, career, business, ministry and leadership experience, expertise and specialty focus. Member coaches share a common love for the [...]

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Executive Coaching Canada

I have coached leaders, executives and senior level professionals across Canada and internationally since 1998. Working from my office in Gravenhurst, Ontario, the leaders I serve span corporate, government, small business, nonprofit and ministry leadership. Over the years, I have had the privilege to coach from Fortune 100s to small community group leaders and 'everyone' in between. As you will see on this site, much of my coaching has centered around helping men and women with significant responsibilities and many people to deal with, beat burnout and deal with stress and overload. Also I provide coaching to increase personal effectiveness [...]

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Clarity Model Training Endorsements

From a Few of Our participants: Clarity Model Training Endorsements The Clarity Model is a foundational, versatile and essential tool for any coach or leader who wishes to help others clarify and achieve their goals. The depth of the model is surprising, and the application potential is limitless. It truly is one of those tools that every leader should have! I use it every day in my personal and professional life! Diane Dotson CPLC, CCMC Certified Professional Life Coach Certified Career Management Coach ......................... When Gary shared his "Clarity" concept with me, I immediately saw how this model [...]

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Are You a Burned Out Christian Leader?

Here Are Words You Need to Hear. If you are a burned out Christian leader, please do not leave this page until you read all of it. Deep down you know there are words you need to hear right now. And you will know the source. Take one small step to replace your discouragement with God's encouragement. People have probably disappointed you deeply. There is one clear starting point on the road to recovery. You may be angry or carry a deep sadness. It may be difficult to even concentrate on the scriptures below. You may feel abandoned. Keep reading. [...]

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Christian Coaching

Christian coaching is uniquely positioned to serve today's busy Christian leaders. We believe Christian coaching has four distinctive characteristics appreciated by faith-based leaders and executives who work with us. Author Gary Collins highlights these in in his 2001 book, Christian Coaching. 1. God Centered Worldview - “Christian coaches use many of the same techniques that are used by their secular counterparts. But Christian coaching is unique in a number of ways. First and foremost is the biblical worldview that the Christian coach brings to the relationship.” “Like everyone else, we seek to become aware of our passions, life purposes, inner [...]

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Return on Investment for Executive Coaching

Calculating Return on Investment for executive coaching requires proper tools and attention. Quantifiable return is real, but some of the vast benefits of coaching are more subjective. They are less about numbers and more about improved attitudes, communication, decision making and any number of other things that work together and lead to measurable success. We will enable you to follow both objective and subjective results. Our tracking system will help your organization understand some of the key results that flow from the coaching engagement and will prove beneficial whether one person or one hundred people are receiving coaching. Starting Points [...]

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Executive Coach Near Toronto

Are you or your organization looking for an executive coach near Toronto, Ontario, Canada? A professional who specializes in leadership effectiveness and dealing with burnout? I regularly work with clients from across the GTA and Southern Ontario. While the vast majority of our engagements are by phone, (we work with clients internationally) we sometimes are required to meet face to face for on-site coaching or consultation. Our offices are in Gravenhurst, a short 1.5 hours north of Toronto. It is not hard to meet in your office, in Gravenhurst or part way in Barrie if needed, once the coaching relationship [...]

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Help Choosing an Executive Coach

If you are looking for help choosing an executive Coach for personal and professional development or for coaching to advance the organization: Be clear on what you want to achieve Engage a full-time professional Coach Ask about International Coaching Federation affiliation If Christian, ask about Christian Coaches Network International affiliation Evaluate training and credentials Ask about life, business and other relevant experience Ask questions, trust your intuition – there needs to be a fit Look for an approach that challenges your thinking Remember you are investing in your life, not purchasing a commodity Location is a minor consideration Coaching is [...]

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Professional Certified Coach

Before engaging a coach, give serious thought to working with a Professional Certified Coach. All coaches are not equal. While there are many coaches with no ICF certification that do a very good job, serious professionals aim for industry recognition and maintain recognized standards. The International Coaching Federation have prospective coaches go through a rigorous examination process to be credentialed. Those coaches who have received these higher and well recognized professional designations subscribe to a Code of Ethics and should be counted on to exhibit high standards of professional conduct. They have accumulated significant hours of client contact and are [...]

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Reasons for Executive Coaching

Since we began tracking reasons for executive coaching in 1998, twelve distinct 'themes' have emerged. These are the broad areas that our leaders have consistently requested coaching on. 1. Personal, Professional and Organizational Performance 2. Critical Conversations and Decision Making 3. Day-to-Day Issues and Long Term Strategic Planning 4. Motivating, Leading and Developing Others 5. Fostering Significant Ideas and Projects 6. Succession Planning and Grooming for Advancement 7. Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships 8. Time Control, Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout 9. Maximizing Opportunities in Change and Transition 10. Career Satisfaction and Transitions 11. Values, Integrity and Personal Contribution 12. Changing [...]

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