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An achiever gets things done.

An achiever gets things done. They bring projects and priorities to completion. But not just any projects or priorities … they focus like a laser-beam on executing on those things which will make the biggest difference moving forward, and contribute to what matters most to them. All of us get out of bed in the morning with an action plan, even those who have a plan to do nothing. We determine those things we will accomplish throughout the day. Those daily accomplishments often feed into larger objectives we have in life, work or leadership. Taking the time to learn a [...]

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The Servant Leadership Smart Management Imperative

"How Can I Serve You?" This one question captures the servant leadership, smart management mindset. There are books in my library that I continue to go back to over time. Often my return visit is to a single well marked page or two, the message of which continues to inspire me to better thinking and improved performance over time. And that is the case with this short passage from Understanding Leadership, published in 1991 and authored by Tom Marshall. A Question of Character, Not a Question of Function There are, Robert Greenleaf in his seminal book "Servant Leadership", says, “two [...]

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How to Achieve Projects and Priorities Faster and Easier

When you or your organization is uncertain about how to move a project or initiative forward, everything can come to a screeching halt. Chances are, the right decision is right in front of you, but you are too close to it to see it clearly.  Here are some possible scenarios: You have a big decision to make that can significantly affect your future. You are stuck at a plateau and feel yourself slipping. The people in your organization are drifting or worse yet, detaching. You are starting to feel burned out, overwhelmed and confused. You need a spark of creative [...]

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Failing Forward, Revisiting John Maxwell’s Book

A recent client mentioned something he'd once read in John Maxwell's book, Failing Forward. He also mentioned that he'd lent his copy out and should get it back and revisit what was said. Since I happened to have a copy, I wrote out several of my underlined passages that I thought might be encouraging, challenging and inspiring for my friend. I thought you might feel the same. So here they are, just as I sent them off to my client. Failing Forward, John Maxwell, c. 2000, Maxwell Motivation Inc. “What distinguishes winners from losers is that winners concentrate at all [...]

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Get the Action Plan Advantage

Want an Action Plan Advantage? What are your desired outcomes from this upcoming week, the next quarter or the year ahead? What do you need to do to make those things happen … ... find a solution? ... take advantage of an opportunity? ... troubleshoot something that isn't working? ... just focus, tweak, maintain momentum and get the job done? Let's Be Clear Those who get an Action Plan Advantage Find solutions. Take advantage of opportunities. Troubleshoot problems more accurately. Focus. Adjust, maintain momentum and GET THE JOB DONE. Making Plans I'll bet hardly a day goes by that you [...]

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Clarity Training is Essential

I operate under a simple belief. Every Christian leader and professional should have Clarity Training in their tool box. Clarity Training is essential. I believe any new leadership team should absolutely understand the Clarity Model. I believe any organization that wants to be successful should ensure Clarity Training for their key people. And I'll go even further. I actually believe that every young person in college or university should have Clarity Training under their belt before they graduate. Seeing yourself and your situation clearly and knowing what to do next is just that important. That's true for individuals and it's [...]

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Business Leadership Coaching

Business leadership coaching is a strategic investment. Working with a seasoned coach creates a confidential setting in which to discuss personal performance and think through important aspects of business that influence competitive advantage in today's marketplace. It allows the owner or executive to talk through and flesh out strategy, discuss important operational concerns and improve work and leadership habits that contribute to positive growth. Over the years we have coached business clients experiencing head-turning success. We have also coached others with challenges for whom turn-around was critical. One client captured the sentiment of most. “I need some solid objective support. [...]

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ICF Professional Certified Coach, Gary Wood

Along with many of my trained colleagues, I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach. ICF is the International Coach Federation, the most widely recognized credentialing organization in the professional coaching industry. Individual training organizations issue executive coaching certification credentials to their students. This is very much an area where you as a consumer need to do your homework. For instance, I graduated from Corporate Coach University many years ago – and that after having gone through Coach University. CCU is an extensive program of coach training aimed specifically at preparing professionals to serve the corporate and business coaching market. Training [...]

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Completing an Executive Assessment

Completing an executive assessment is a critical first step for the effective development and deployment of leadership. When combined with thorough analysis and insightful debriefing, the proper assessment is powerful. And I can't stress the debriefing enough. I'm being extreme, but just about everybody and their cousin provides some type of assessment. And all those who debrief assessments are not equal. There is debriefing and then there is quality so buyer beware. Here's How Our Executive Assessment Engagement Works: You contact us to discuss what it is you wish to accomplish We determine a strategy, what assessments to use and [...]

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Executive Coaching Canada

I have coached leaders, executives and senior level professionals across Canada and internationally since 1998. Working from my office in Gravenhurst, Ontario, the leaders I serve span corporate, government, small business, nonprofit and ministry leadership. Over the years, I have had the privilege to coach from Fortune 100s to small community group leaders and 'everyone' in between. As you will see on this site, much of my coaching has centered around helping men and women with significant responsibilities and many people to deal with, beat burnout and deal with stress and overload. Also I provide coaching to increase personal effectiveness [...]

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