Working with people is critical to success.

The Servant Leadership Smart Management Imperative

"How Can I Serve You?" This one question captures the servant leadership, smart management mindset. There are books in my library that I continue to go back to over time. Often my return visit is to a single well marked page or two, the message of which continues to inspire me to better thinking and improved performance over time. And that is the case with this short passage from Understanding Leadership, published in 1991 and authored by Tom Marshall. A Question of Character, Not a Question of Function There are, Robert Greenleaf in his seminal book "Servant Leadership", says, “two [...]

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Beacon Bible Camp and the Origins of the Clarity Model

I've been asked a number of times before, “How did the Clarity Model get started?” So, here’s the backstory - the origins of the Clarity Model. The model really had its genesis back in the early to mid 90’s when Alice and I set aside business for a time and I took over as Executive Director of Beacon Bible Camp. Leadership and Management It was a pretty intense time of leadership as you can imagine. Beacon was a small but vibrant organization and we were the only full-time couple who were there. We felt the weight of taking over leadership [...]

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Clarity Training is Essential

I operate under a simple belief. Every Christian leader and professional should have Clarity Training in their tool box. Clarity Training is essential. I believe any new leadership team should absolutely understand the Clarity Model. I believe any organization that wants to be successful should ensure Clarity Training for their key people. And I'll go even further. I actually believe that every young person in college or university should have Clarity Training under their belt before they graduate. Seeing yourself and your situation clearly and knowing what to do next is just that important. That's true for individuals and it's [...]

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12 Reasons Christian Camps Must Measure Performance

It still has me shaking my head. For the life of me, after so many years involvement and interest, I cannot understand why Christian camps fail to measure their performance. (And I mean far more than just creating the annual financial report and telling us how many campers attended this past year.) Sure, there was a day (remember, “back when we were there”, "back in the day") when things were simpler. Decision-making information and resulting conversation seemed clearer and contained far less layers of complexity. But not anymore. C’mon. God’s still the same, but the days we live in and [...]

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Business Leadership Coaching

Business leadership coaching is a strategic investment. Working with a seasoned coach creates a confidential setting in which to discuss personal performance and think through important aspects of business that influence competitive advantage in today's marketplace. It allows the owner or executive to talk through and flesh out strategy, discuss important operational concerns and improve work and leadership habits that contribute to positive growth. Over the years we have coached business clients experiencing head-turning success. We have also coached others with challenges for whom turn-around was critical. One client captured the sentiment of most. “I need some solid objective support. [...]

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Using an Assessment for Hiring a Christian Camp Leader

Using a quality assessment for hiring a Christian camp leader pays off. Here's exactly how it works and why. The leaders you hire to represent, lead or head up key positions in your camp are pivotal to your future success. Do not take this responsibility of choosing them lightly. Obviously in a Christian camp, much prayer and discussion should surround such an important decision. In addition there are truly some great, and I believe essential, tools to help you with that decision-making process. Before hiring key on-site and permanent staff at a Christian camp, I believe it’s critical to be [...]

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What Hinders Productivity and Performance?

What hinders productivity? In most organizations, it's people, their attitudes and actions that will determine performance and productivity. People are critical to success. It's people who interact with each other and the systems that are in place to get the job done. When both leaders and employees or volunteers are aligned with the mission of what needs to happen and the vision of what they want that effort to ultimately achieve and when they are committed to give it their very best, there is no limit to what might be possible. When that is not the case, a downward spiral [...]

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Speaking and Seminars

Gary accepts a limited number of engagements for training, speaking and seminars throughout the year. He is a gifted in-person and online presenter and trainer with a passion for helping audiences do better, achieve more and thrive. No matter what the forum, attendees leave feeling encouraged and empowered to take action and make changes. Many of them report insights and new tools and approaches they can use right away. Gary’s conferences always provide the audience with compelling challenges that lead to positive and lasting change. Gary wants to get down to business with his audience and asks them to think [...]

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7 Ways to Prepare for Confrontation

Finding 7 ways to prepare for confrontation generally doesn't appear on the leader or executive's job description. But it raises its objectionable head on every leader's to-do list. Everyone has to deal with conflict and confrontation many times throughout their career. Sometimes there is no warning. Confrontation just happens. Other times we know it needs to happen and we do our best when in the heat of the moment. We somehow get through it, as distasteful as it is. There is a better way. In all cases we can prepare for handling confrontation when and wherever it comes up. It doesn't [...]

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Handling Confrontation in Leadership

Handling confrontation in leadership is a part of every decision maker's unspoken job description. Overcoming fear of confrontation is helped by taking some time to think about it and plan for it happening prior to it every actually occurring. Deal with conflict and confrontation. You are the leader. If it is your job, don't let it sit. Develop the confrontation skills needed and use them. Agreed, it's not pleasant and you don't want to do it, but handling confrontation is yours to deal with. Rehearse the upcoming conversation in your mind. Operate and benefit from preparation. Anticipate possible reactions and your [...]

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