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The Servant Leadership Smart Management Imperative

"How Can I Serve You?" This one question captures the servant leadership, smart management mindset. There are books in my library that I continue to go back to over time. Often my return visit is to a single well marked page or two, the message of which continues to inspire me to better thinking and improved performance over time. And that is the case with this short passage from Understanding Leadership, published in 1991 and authored by Tom Marshall. A Question of Character, Not a Question of Function There are, Robert Greenleaf in his seminal book "Servant Leadership", says, “two [...]

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Are You a Burned Out Christian Leader?

Here Are Words You Need to Hear. If you are a burned out Christian leader, please do not leave this page until you read all of it. Deep down you know there are words you need to hear right now. And you will know the source. Take one small step to replace your discouragement with God's encouragement. People have probably disappointed you deeply. There is one clear starting point on the road to recovery. You may be angry or carry a deep sadness. It may be difficult to even concentrate on the scriptures below. You may feel abandoned. Keep reading. [...]

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Burnout May be the Price You Pay for Managing Your Image

Burnout may be the price you pay for managing your image. There is a heavy cost that comes with performing for others: Being what you think they want you to be. Always agreeing, acting and adjusting just to maintain the status quo. Living with the discomfort of not being the real you. Never quite feeling you meet up unless they tell you so. And hating most of it, eaten up by feelings of self-betrayal. Wow. That's a heavy price to pay. But I see it over and over again in the work I do with leaders and professionals of all stripes. Whether [...]

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10 Areas of Life Work Balance

Life-work balance is more than stuffing other things in around work. It is having an intentional plan to do well in all areas of life. You may be experiencing job burnout because your thinking is faulty. Let's start giving thought to a better future, one that includes finding balance. How to Use this Exercise: I have adapted a list of life balance areas from Jack Lannom's book "Untapped Potential" c.1998, Thomas Nelson, Inc. Ask yourself on a scale of 1 - 10 just how well you are doing in each of these life areas. Are you balanced and satisfied or [...]

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Benefits of Dealing with Burnout

I suppose it goes without saying, but there are many benefits of dealing with burnout. Every week I am working with leaders and professionals who are experiencing significant stress. Either they are in overload and overwhelm and on the verge of burnout and disillusionment or they are in fact ... experiencing burnout. Carefully I walk them through my three part program to deal with burnout. Resolution - Deal with their immediate situation to reduce some of the stress so they can think straight and design a game plan for moving forward. Transition - Find and adopt new strategies for the [...]

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Why Clarity is Important

If we understand why clarity is important, we can move forward. It sounds simple but it is true. Clarity rules. Clarity will determine whether a company responds to changing conditions or falls further back. Clarity will determine whether an individual takes the steps to move forward or flounders in mediocrity. Clarity will determine whether the population of a country will stand up for their rights or be suppressed by an iron fist. Clarity will determine whether a newly married couple will move forward in harmony or devolve into dysfunction. Clarity, is at the heart of my coaching engagements. You need [...]

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Christian Leaders – Before Helping in Haiti

I thought this article by Pam Taylor really spelled out pretty well, some of the things we Christian leaders need to keep in mind before helping in Haiti. It's a timely reminder of what we all need when wanting to assist others. For the Love of Haiti Armchair quarterbacks try to come up with the answers for how to make things work in the rescue efforts in Haiti, following the earthquake. “Why don’t they just…” is often heard wherever people gather. It is all said in an effort to try to find solutions for the daily images of pain and [...]

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The Bible on Leadership and Relationship

For the Christian leader, our essential resource for informing how we work is reading the Bible on leadership and relationship. Do you believe this? I sometimes present on personal effectiveness at conferences and training events. I enjoy doing it, but I will tell you that I am a Bible teacher at heart. From time to time I am asked to speak to professional groups from the scriptures. Sometimes an entire audience will be made up of leaders who may be spending their day on topics of best practice and professional improvement. The primary purpose of God’s Word is not to [...]

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4 Ways Leaders can Create a Motivating Work Environment

Here's some valuable advice on how to create a motivating work environment. Women in Business crafted an article titled, Motivating Staff Without Money: Four Budget-Free Ways to Move Forward.  The article outlines four ways leaders can create a motivating work environment. Taking advantage of them don't cost a lot of money, but they aren't designed to be cheap. They are designed to be effective in developing people and improving business. Perceptively they note that,  contrary to popular perception, your job as a manager is not to motivate your staff. Motivation is internal. Instead, you are responsible for creating an environment [...]

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Leaders Under God

As leaders, we do well to remember that we are responsible ultimately to God.  We are, when all is said and done, leaders under God. It does not matter whether the leader acknowledges this or not. It remains a fact and will be proven so when we all stand before Him.  But to embrace it is to access divine resources for daily responsibilities ... and far, far more. The leader in relationship to God through Jesus Christ does not walk alone. He carries out his responsibilities fully conscious that He is loved and strengthened and given wisdom and capacity to [...]

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