A Screen Can’t Fully Replace the Social Heart of Work

Work is Social We are social. Work is social. A screen can't fully replace the social heart of work. Even the best webinar platform just won't do it. I have a suspicion that most leaders and professionals thrive when we connect in-person with other people. Not all, but most. The workplace is just one of the places that happens. Having this social component of the daily routine removed or significantly altered affects people in very basic ways. People need people. People as a Job Resource Overload and burnout is most likely to be found in working environments with high job [...]

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VUCA Isn’t the Worst of It

VUCA Isn't the Worst of It In the midst of the much talked about Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, that companies, writers, and trainers are talking about, there may be a much more pervasive and damaging reality. I submit that the acronym should really read, VUCAD. The “D” may be so crucial to address, that all the others pale in comparison. I'll leave it to experts to define the actual costs of not paying attention to D. My suspicion, after coaching leaders and professionals for 22 years, is that the cost is high. D stands for DISCONNECTEDNESS. Individuals - most [...]

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Working from Home During the Covid-19 Crisis

Working from Home During the Covid-19 Crisis 7 simple thoughts from Gary Wood, an executive coach who helps leaders deal with overload and burnout. This isn’t an exhaustive list of to-do’s for shifting from your place of work to the home office. But the ideas will get you started and moving positively, even as work and daily life patterns shift. Start Your Day From the Strength of Your Faith Take some time to pause before you jump into work. Calm your mind and soul by coming before God. It’s okay to feel needy, no matter who you are. God [...]

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Focusing On Priority

There Must be a Better Way Some days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.People are loading it on us from all directions, and like so many high-contribution leaders, we’re often loading “it” on ourselves.“It,” a catchword of crowded to-do’s, the daily grind, and demand for attention. “It,” the stuff of expectations and other people’s agendas and behaviors. A multitude of variations – external and internal - but one thing is for sure, “it” doesn’t much let up. Through those overwhelming periods, some of us put our heads down and plow through (with high stress,) more or less randomly getting those things [...]

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