Attention: Leaders, executives, managers, coaches, decision-makers:

Clarity & Momentum Literacy is THE must-have competency
in your capacity to provide maximum value to your clients.

“One of the best decisions of my year.”

Dave Heasler, Coach

“Transformed how I work with clients.”

John Ramstead, Coach

“The nuclear-powered GPS of Coaching!”

John W. Messer, Coach

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Now YOU Can Gain the Clarity & Momentum Advantage!

Discover the Breakthrough System and Skill-Set for Coaching, Planning, Troubleshooting and Effective Action

This “think-it-through” system can move you, your team or those you coach, from uncertainty to action to achievement.

Clarity & Momentum Thinking is the Swiss Army Knife of leadership and coaching because of its ability to transcend one specific use and be an all-encompassing solution provider.

When you unleash Clarity & Momentum you bring a laser targeted solution to any strategic or challenging issue in your organization.

“Easily repeated and shared with individuals, boards or teams.”

Fran Gollahon, Coach

“A breakthrough tool for my coaching clients.”

Lorraine Richmond, Coach

“Using the Clarity Model almost every day.”

Charles Hooper, Coach

A Think-it-Through Operating System For the Mind

  • Infinitely Adaptable. Apply it to virtually any client situation you may encounter as well as to any coaching methodology.

  • Profoundly Revealing. Allows clients to pinpoint what is most important to focus on moving forward.

  • Wisdom-Based. Because it is built on the clear concepts of Scripture, have confidence using it in any Christian setting.

  • Culturally Portable. Put as much Christian content into it as you wish or use more general-market, sector-specific language.

  • Always Available. Pull it from memory and present to an audience of one or one thousand.

  • Easily Conveyed. Very simply describe or draw it to make insightful contribution.

“Foundational. Essential.”

Diane Dotson, Coach

“Profoundly effective.”

Bill Graybill, Coach

“One of the best classes that I have ever taken.”

Dorita Deierlein, Coach

“This tool is invaluable.”

Sheryl Bullock, Coach

Gary Wood, Instructor

Gary Wood, Instructor
Executive Coach Gary Wood

After many years of business, nonprofit and ministry leadership and tens of thousands of hours of successful coaching and training of both Christian and general market professionals, Executive and Leadership Performance Coach, Gary Wood knows how to zero in on what matters.

The resources, tools, frameworks and programs he creates, all have their genesis and purpose in scripture. Gary brings mature Christian insight and leadership to each and every training. Gary has taught many courses for Professional Christian Coaching Institute, through whom this particular course is offered.



Balance, Not Burnout – Free eBook

A LOT of leaders feel like they’re “running on empty.” Maybe you’re one of them. This eBook is a roll-up-your-sleeves guide to help you deal with overload and burnout. It’s totally practical. There isn’t a lot of fluff. In just a few pages you’ll find your first worksheet.

After spending many thousands of hours coaching leaders and executives dealing with overload and burnout, I’m giving YOU a starting point to gain insight, take action and beat burnout.