From a Few of Our participants: Clarity Model Training Endorsements

The Clarity Model is a foundational, versatile and essential tool for any coach or leader who wishes to help others clarify and achieve their goals. The depth of the model is surprising, and the application potential is limitless. It truly is one of those tools that every leader should have! I use it every day in my personal and professional life!

Diane Dotson CPLC, CCMC
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Career Management Coach

When Gary shared his “Clarity” concept with me, I immediately saw how this model adapts to every coaching scenario. Whether it’s for me personally or a client, this tool is invaluable and I’ve put it to use with great success already. I believe the application of this course will be strategic in the lives of clients and bring great value to your coaching abilities.”
Sheryl Bullock
Life/Business Coach


Of all the countless coaching models I can recall and have used, The Clarity Model is the first that comes with a corresponding working vocabulary that partners with the fluidity within each section of the model. This provides both the experienced and less experienced Coach the ability to use the language of the client rather than standardized terms and is one of many powerful advantages of using the Clarity Model.

Jan Judd, PCC
Pastoral & Congregational Leadership Coach



Life coaching is a dynamic and sometimes chaotic experience. The Clarity Model provides a framework that gives both coach and client a way forward to achieve the client’s expectations and goals.

Ircel Harrison
Coaching Coordinator
Pinnacle Leadership Associates


The Clarity Model is simple but profoundly effective. The magic in the Clarity Model is how quickly clients understand where they are in the journey towards their goals. A clear understanding of their present reality enables them to move forward on a path with clarity.

When I share the model visually there is invariably a spark of excitement that says, “Yes, I understand now.” Whether it is in creating a new ministry or working towards financial freedom the Clarity Model is simple to work with and produces solid results. My clients are walking away with greater understanding of the overall process and the actions needed to reach their goals.

Bill Graybill, D.Min., CPCC
Thrive on Purpose Life Coaching


When I’m thinking at my best, I process many factors at once, looking for patterns and connections among ideas. In other words, I am not a linear thinker by nature, but have learned to function in a culture that values linear thinking.

One strength of The Clarity Model and the diagrams Gary uses to explain the model is that it is relevant both to linear and to systems thinkers. As a systems (or “creative”) thinker, I tend to tune out models that appear to reduce life to “three easy steps.” I didn’t tune out!

As I process the Clarity Model, I’m learning to ask questions that move other “professional thinkers” to action toward their desired outcomes, too. This model has the potential to bridge the communications gap between systems and linear thinkers. Highly recommend The Clarity Model courses!

Renee Oscarson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Human Development & Family Studies


The Clarity Model has cultivated a new dimension of learning concepts. This is a must have tool for any coach to use. The goal is for the client to reach their their desired outcome by moving and growing forward. The five dynamic elements of this Model delivers a means of experiencing unlimited success. I find myself using this concept daily in my personal life, business and ministry.

Rebecca Elston
Life/Transitional Coach


The Clarity Model has been a breakthrough tool for my coaching clients. Having a visual model has enabled them to examine “what needs to happen?” objectively and with amazing clarity and ownership of their next powerful action. It’s a wonderful tool for getting unstuck and for moving forward. Using the Clarity Model as a coach has been easy, fun and added a fantastic return on investment in the coaching relationship.

Lorraine Richmond
Leadership Coaching


I consult with churches and leaders across three provinces in Canada. Every client whom I’ve introduced to the Clarity approach has found it valuable. It helps them to identify where they’re stuck and what they need to do particularly, to move forward. It increases their confidence and their ability to handle similar problems in the future.

Signing up for training in the clarity approach has been one of the best decisions of my year. Thank you Gary for your invaluable contribution to coaching methodology.

Dave Heasler