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Who Can Benefit?

You Are 18 Hours Away from Being a Stand-out Contributor

One of the Most Versatile Tools and Methodologies Available Today

  • It’s always available
  • It’s infinitely versatile
  • It zeroes in on what matters
The Clarity Model is a foundational, versatile and essential tool for any coach or leader who wishes to help others clarify and achieve their goals. The depth of the model is surprising, and the application potential is limitless. It truly is one of those tools that every leader should have! I use it every day in my personal and professional life!Diane Dotson CPLC, CCMC

Extensively Used for Life, Work and Leadership

  • Turning vision into strategy for new causes, projects and programs
  • Assisting emerging and seasoned leaders plan for next steps
  • Helping individuals find the best path forward out of difficulties
  • Helping boards think about and plan for the future
  • Coaching couples as they make critical career, life and business decisions
  • Helping organizations position themselves for greater influence and progress
  • Helping teams assign the right people to the tasks they can best address
  • Coaching church leadership as they make plans that impact people
  • Helping business leaders run their day to day operations more effectively
  • Helping corporate executives get clear about million dollar decisions
  • Coaching Christian organizations to organize for effective future mission
  • Coaching government professionals wanting to get things done
  • Tackling challenging work relationships in positive ways
  • Giving young people a planning model for their future
The Clarity Model is simple but profoundly effective. The magic in the Clarity Model is how quickly clients understand where they are in the journey towards their goals. A clear understanding of their present reality enables them to move forward on a path with clarity.Bill Graybill, D.Min., CPCC

Here are 7 Reasons Why This Advanced System is Perfect for You

  • It can work in any setting, nimbly adapting to almost any situation (business, nonprofit, personal) and with any person or organization, Christian or general.
  • It’s adaptable to use with any training or methodologies you have learned, designed or work under.
  • It provides maximum assistance to those you serve, pinpointing what matters and what is most important to give further intentional thought to or take decisive action on.
  • It’s a wisdom-based and flexible model, built on the clear concepts of Scripture. You can be confident in using it in a faith-based environment as well as put as much Christian language or content into it as you wish, or use more general market languaging.
  • It’s easy to recall. You can pull it from memory and present it to an audience of one or one hundred.
  • It’s easy to illustrate. Once you know it you can draw it easily or tell someone else how to draw it.
  • You have access to help. We’re happy to provide support to help you discern where the model best applies in your given situation.
The Clarity Model can help you deliver a targeted conversation that will move your client forward with confidence, skill and speed.

Set the Right Goals and Achieve Them

  • Do you lead or work with stuck individuals and struggling organizations that need clear direction? The Clarity Model can help.
  • Are you privileged to work with successful individuals and organizations who want to do even better? The Clarity Model can help them do that.
  • Are there work, family or personal challenges, major dollars on the line, tangled people problems, big decisions, a need to get on with it? The Clarity Model can create a breakthrough.

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