I operate under a simple belief.

Every Christian leader and professional should have Clarity Training in their tool box.

Clarity Training is essential.

I believe any new leadership team should absolutely understand the Clarity Model. I believe any organization that wants to be successful should ensure Clarity Training for their key people. And I’ll go even further. I actually believe that every young person in college or university should have Clarity Training under their belt before they graduate.

Seeing yourself and your situation clearly and knowing what to do next is just that important.

That’s true for individuals and it’s true for organizations. After 40 years hanging around leaders, working in business, engaged in ministry, investing in individuals and leading and assisting organizations, by God’s grace I’ve learned something.

You have to have the right tools in your tool box in order to get the job done.

Being able to reach clarity quickly and knowing exactly where the best place to take action is, is one of those essential tools today. No individual or organization can last long without it.

So I know something that works … The Clarity Model.

  • It enables you to gain clarity quickly
  • It helps you determine exactly the best place to take action

Clarity Training is like being able to pick up exactly the right tool at the right time to get exactly the right job done.I also feel something. It’s a stirring within me that doesn’t go away. I want to see Christian leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and the organizations they own, lead or manage, do better, achieve more and thrive.I’m convinced far too many individuals and organizations are struggling with knowing exactly what they need to pay attention to in order to significantly move forward. They’re stuck and The Clarity Model can help them. Therefore Clarity Training is essential.

That’s it … what I know and what I feel.

Now here’s just a handful of things to be gained from thoroughly learning this advanced planning and decision making tool. I know you need it and I know you will benefit from it from day one.

Feel Confident in Telling Potential Clients What You Can Do For Them – The Clarity Model is robust enough to adapt to all sorts of uses. Your imagination and God-given passion is the limit. Create clear, well articulated, value filled products and programs which help people solve real problems or take advantage of perceived opportunities.

Make Better Business or Ministry Decisions – The Clarity Model will help you make better decisions. From deciding the way forward to building a quality website or creating your next marketing campaign, the Clarity Model will provide a strong template for use over and over again.

Increase Revenues – The Clarity Model can be adapted for use with any individual or in any organization. It allows you the ability to create many more offerings tailored to specific prospects. This increases the scope of possibility for making increased revenue. Because you have established systems to bring to your client you can also command a higher fee.

Establish Yourself as a Leader in Your Field of Expertise – The Clarity Model will give you language which can be adjusted to your particular field of endeavour. Create a step by step process that you walk your clients through. The course will give you new insights and techniques to set yourself apart as a leading professional on your particular topic.

Get More Work – Good work begets good references. One person tells another. You can apply the Clarity Model to your own business model and it will help you to maximize the good relationships you establish with your clients.

Save Money for Your Client – If you can assist individuals to troubleshoot existing problems that are hitting them in the pocketbook and know exactly where to focus their efforts, you will save them money. You will also help them to streamline use of their resources in implementing strategy, thus saving even further.

Save Time – Reference to the Clarity Model will save you time. And you can help individuals and leaders of organizations save time. They want to know what they should do next and not have it involve some long drawn out process. Getting to the solution and creating a plan to address it much faster has all sorts of advantages. Prove you can save them time and they will have you back again and again.

Zero in More Quickly – You have always admired leaders who could quickly penetrate to ‘what really matters’. Now you can do it too by having some advanced tools and concepts uppermost in your mind as you work with individuals and teams.

Pattern Your Work on a Scriptural Template – Once you understand and begin working with a solid model that has roots in Biblical truth, you will begin to discover all sorts of insights that will enable you to assist your clients and customers better. Your own independent study will only enhance your understanding of the system and improve your use of it.

Avoid Wasted Effort, Overload and Burnout – People look for solutions because there is something they can’t achieve on their own. They have invested time and effort with few results to show for it. If they keep continuing as they are, it will only get worse. They are tired of the frustration and want to start achieving. You can help them put their energies on the right things to get the best results.

Eliminating Pain – Knowing how to use the Clarity Model can help people avoid making mistakes. But more than that, it can help them eliminate all manner of painful consequences, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or financial.

Build Credibility – Your reputation for being the go-to professional to clarify, plan and support in executing effective solutions will be elevated as you become known for someone who can help others ‘make it happen.’

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Work – Being able to assist your clients in such an effective way reaps all sorts of personal reward and satisfaction. Whether you measure in revenues or lives changed or both, the dividends will be yours to enjoy.

There are many Clarity Training benefits. Take the training and you will be helping yourself and those you serve.