Professionally, I’ve provided coaching support for burnout for over 20 years. I work with leaders, executives and professionals privately and confidentially. The support is personal, live and full of care and understanding. Sometimes individuals are sponsored by their company or organization. Those I’ve worked with have come from various work sectors. They’ve shared much in common, most of note, they have to keep doing their job. They have large responsibilities that they are responsible for and that just doesn’t stop because someone is feeling they are on the edge of burnout.

How Coaching Support for Burnout Works

This offer of support isn’t reading about burnout. It isn’t about watching a few videos that deal with the topic of burnout. It is supportive, understanding, professional, live coaching SUPPORT as you put in place solutions to navigate the strain you are currently experiencing.

I’m not going to run you through some pre-designed course of study, although you will learn. I’m not going to plug you into Coaching 301 for leaders, although you will receive highly-focused coaching. What we are going to do is simply work with YOU,  YOUR situation and YOUR context, so you can beat burnout and regain effectiveness.

Society needs your contribution to continue from a position of strength. That’s why I provide coaching support for burnout. Bottom line – We need you. I’d welcome the opportunity to be of help.

Did You Attend The Beat Burnout Call?

Perhaps you have already attended a free Beat Burnout Call. What you gleaned there will no doubt be the foundation of the work we do together.  From that call you will recall that we work with reducing the intensity of your current situation and/or increasing resources you have to draw from in order to deal with that situation. Again, the focus is on you and ensuring you have all you need to make good decisions and take effective action moving forward.