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One of the most important things I support leaders around is to how to avoid burnout in the first place. As you know, a lot of things can build up and contribute to feeling burned out. The 52 Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Regaining Productivity will help you address at least 52 situations that will help you get back your passion and performance at work. Not all of them may be applicable to you right today, but over the course of the next few years they may be.

Key Causes of Burnout

Across many years of executive and leadership coaching I’ve found three primary causes of burnout:

  • Taxing or irregular people that suck the life out of you.
  • A system you perceive doesn’t give you the levers and independence needed to make things happen effectively
  • The things you tell yourself

If the people don’t wear you down, the system will. And what you think about it makes all the difference. Over time this can create a fertile environment for burnout.

Contributing Factors to Burnout

I’ve also learned that paying attention to a small number of basic things that made you successful in the first place will help regain focus, confidence and control, AND avoid burnout at work.

Paying attention to things that ARE within your control plays a big role in regaining the energy to find solutions to the larger things.

The 52 Week Guide to Reducing Stress & Regaining Productivity is a self-coaching program about everyday habits, the ones you might have drifted away from. This isn’t about speed or brilliance. It’s about regaining control of YOUR time, energy and confidence.

Work at your own pace on putting simple strategies back in place that will help you regain efficient, productive and effective work patterns. Doing this will reduce stress and bring the satisfaction of creating some meaningful wins when having a win is a real boost.

How to Use The Beat Burnout Guide

For every habit you feel is important to you RIGHT NOW, you will find five days of self-coaching exercises. Pick a practice that seems most relevant to your situation and begin working on it. Work on it until it becomes a habit. Every good practice you put in place will reduce stress and regain productivity. If you feel the need to get very specific executive coaching for burnout, please reach out to me here.

The Value of this 52 Week Guide eCoaching Program

This self-coaching program has a significant retail value. If it was accompanied by a group mastermind, it would be even more. But, for you it’s free. Why? Because I want to address the dire reality of overload and burnout amongst today’s leaders and professionals. I am giving it to you.

In exchange, you will receive periodic updates on events I might put on that are designed to further help address overload and avoid burnout. These are for you and your invited guests.



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