Dealing with Burnout

Since 1998, I’ve specialized in assisting leaders and professionals (just like you) who are dealing with burnout. (An executive coaching client once very generously referred to me as, “North America’s Beat Burnout Coach”.) Coaching is private and confidential. You may call with confidence. An exploratory conversation costs you nothing.

We will help you:

•  Identify and learn from causes
•  Formulate a plan for moving forward
•  Execute solutions that are practical and focused
•  Ensure the sustainability of any new strategies or practices you implement

Beat Burnout Stages

Our approach is two-fold. First, reduce the possibility of burnout occurring at all. But if your situation is past that, take a proactive approach to dealing with burnout, involving three “steps.”


Stop the chain of responses, thinking, attitudes and actions that lead to burnout in the first place.

Proactive Coaching

If you feel you’re already on the way to burnout or already in it.

  • Resolution – First we help you find and implement some achievable RESOLUTION to reduce the intensity you’re experiencing and get space to work on solutions.
  • Transition – Next, we’ll help you make a TRANSITION from a stressful to a manageable situation as you put in place new strategies for moving forward, that you are in control of.
  • Continuity – Finally we coach you into CONTINUITY, where you are once again successfully moving forward with consistent results, with burnout behind you.

When providing coaching to deal with burnout, we work with sponsored or private pay clients. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

An initial conversation will determine how we should best proceed. Phone our office at 705-687-2711 or send a message through our Contact Page.

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