Leaders, executives, coaches, trainers, consultants, developers of people,
decision-making professionals, advisors:

Discover an Even Deeper Layer of the Clarity & Momentum Framework So You Can Boost Your Confidence, Focus and Direction

In Expanding Your Advantage, you will increase:

  • Your ability to really zero in on what matters most and fine tune as needed

  • Your versatility in working with anyone or any group, at any time and in any situation

  • Your capacity to suggest language and concepts that will help team members see themselves and their situations clearly and take the right next steps based on that new insight

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already harnessing a proficiency in the Clarity & Momentum framework.

Expanding Your Advantage will allow you to take that proficiency to a new level, as you navigate the daily challenges of goal achievement and cultivating a thriving team dynamic.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 6 hours of high-calibre, intensely practical training

  • Massive back and forth for real-time application

  • Lots of encouragement, insights and exercises to apply to your own situation

  • All the support materials you need to maximize your learning

In Expanding Your Advantage, you will zoom back out and begin to add even further language and understanding around the many aspects of the Clarity & Momentum model.

You will establish an unprecedented versatility that will allow you to work with anyone at any time and in any situation.

You will be able to help your clients, staff, team, company or organization see themselves and all of their possible situations with optimum clarity and focus.

Think for a moment about what this would mean for you and your organization.

The increased confidence you create for yourself and others will foster an ever expanding positive momentum shift, as you build upon each goal achieved, resulting in more productivity, higher morale and increased profits or impact.

This is “the zone” that everyone talks about but so few organizations achieve. Expanding Your Advantage can help get you there and keep you there.

You will receive:

  • Another 100-page Workbook of advanced insights, tools and methodology all entered around using the Clarity Model with maximum proficiency.

  • A close examination of 20 further dynamics related to making progress toward desired outcomes.

  • Continuing massive interaction around the learning and practical application.

  • Dedicated support and accountability to make sure you are able to zero in on what’s going on in any given situation and offer assistance to move forward.

  • Many more practical, self-paced exercises designed to sharpen your awareness of where you have observed the various additional dynamics of the Clarity & Momentum framework in action.

  • Another extensive set of self-paced exercises designed to establish personal application to your own situation.

If you want to maximize your Clarity & Momentum training to its fullest potential,
then Expanding Your Advantage is a must.

“I’ve had the privilege of taking Clarity Training with Gary more than once, and – just like he always says – the Clarity Model has become my operating system.

As a financial planner and business owner, I use the Clarity Model every day to identify problems and work with clients and partners to develop solutions that everyone can take ownership of. In fact, I know I use the Clarity Model even more frequently than I’m consciously aware of. It’s become my default way of looking at the world, and it did so only because of Gary’s patient teaching and his coaching me through how to practically apply it.”

Sandi Martin, Spring Financial Planning

“Gary’s strength lies in being able to clarify for the ambitious yet overwhelmed entrepreneur what to do immediately next. This is a great contribution, as in my experience, entrepreneurs are bursting with ideas and know well what needs to be done, but in the reality of tight funds, or not enough time or staff, it is great to find out what exactly one should do next.”

Business Owner

“Benefited immensely from the framework Clarity Training has given me for moving forward from idea to objective to completion and beyond.”


Helped me organize my thinking to address those areas that have been obstacles.”


Led me into further development of my own ideas and vision for the organization.”

Executive Director
Gary Wood, Instructor

Gary Wood

After many years of business and nonprofit leadership and tens of thousands of hours of successful coaching and training, Author, Equipper and Executive and Leadership Performance Coach, Gary Wood knows how to zero in on what matters.

For years he has helped leaders and professionals work from an advantage in life, work and leadership situations they encountered every day. Expanding Your Advantage is a testament to his practicality of thought, insight and application.


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