Believe me, facing tough issues to beat burnout is a small price to pay for the peace at the other end. I don’t mean dealing with some of the causes of your stress will be simple or that it won’t possibly be emotional, but facing those issues once and for all will pay a dividend in the end.

Take responsibility to do something about this significant stress – not something that you’ve done before that hasn’t worked but taking those actions that will work, the hard ones. Sounds simple. So why do we so often avoid it? Because we don’t want to face the “stuff.”

It may have to do with relationships that have been strained. It may have to do with activities that we been engaged in that we don’t want to face up to. It may simply expose us as people who are not very effective in carrying out our day to day routine.

Whatever the reason, moving forward and facing change is going to be probing, exposing and sometimes at the very least embarrassing, so we hesitate, and we continue on with the pain of overload and burnout.

This is simply hiding. It’s playing a game of deception. It’s banking on the fact that perhaps no one will discover the real me. And it’s playing to the assumption that if they did discover the real me, they wouldn’t like what they see very well.

You know, more than likely people will discover the real you and like what they see. And you are going to deliver yourself from stress and be able to consistently be yourself.

It’s an assumption that they will not like what they see. In fact, they will probably appreciate you that much more for having the insight to do something about your situation. They will probably experience that you are a nicer more genuine person because of it.