Four Days of Focus – This is your opportunity to start, finish or make significant progress on a project that is important to you. In one sense it really doesn’t matter what the project is or what phase of execution you are engaged upon. What does matter is that you are committed to spending four days being focused on moving forward and achieving your goals.

Here are some key things you need to know to make Four Days of Focus a success.

Create an Undistracted Environment

If you are distracted you will not make progress. If you cannot adjust your current environment to avoid distraction, you may need to go to a place where focus is possible. On the other hand, creating a distraction free, focus supporting environment may be your Four Days of Focus project.

Clarify the Goals

If you don’t know where you are going, it is going to be hard to get there. Taking the time to clarify your desired outcomes will accelerate you toward successful initiation and execution of your project. What is it you want to achieve over four days? What project is worthy of your undivided attention?

Outline the Plan

In the same way you need to know where you are going, you need to understand how you are going to get there. Break your project down into doable chunks that can be brought to completion one by one. Understand what needs to happen on each of your four days in order to make progress. Time spent planning now will accelerate progress once you start.

Take Ownership

Resistance dramatically reduces forward movement. Check your heart and your willingness to tackle this project. Take responsibility and determine to follow it through with passion and full engagement. You will experience increased energy over the duration of the project.

Maintain Momentum

Keep consciously moving forward. Build each day’s success on the momentum of the preceding day. If you are distracted, get back on track quickly. If you are stuck, work on making gains in another area and then come back to it with fresh energy. Don’t stop or give up. Perseverance always pays off.

Make Adjustments Quickly

One secret of success lies in knowing when to make small but significant changes that can create a breakthrough or move you forward more quickly. A change of thinking, attitude or action can sometimes make all the difference. If you have the sense that something needs to be changed, take action on it right away.

Take the Time to Refresh

You can only concentrate for so long before productivity drops off dramatically. Don’t wait until fatigue sets in. Take breaks frequently enough to follow the rhythms of your own mind and body. Better to return to the project renewed than attempt to push through and end up losing momentum.

Paying attention to these few points will allow you to achieve your goals over the Four Days of Focus. We could say “Good luck on your project,” but it probably won’t be luck that will move you forward. It will be intention, focus and passionate execution.