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Team Leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs:

Discover How to Enhance the Capacity and Effectiveness of your Team So Every Member Can Reach their Own Potential as an Achiever

Gaining the Leader’s Advantage will help each team member to:

  • Troubleshoot challenges more effectively

  • Make critical decisions with more confidence

  • Plan forward with greater skill

  • Communicate using a common language

  • Lead or manage others with greater finesse

One of the most frustrating aspects of leading a team is the fact that everyone seems to have their own work ethic, their own agenda and their own unique understanding of the mission.

Left unchecked, this can lead to infighting, squandered time, lost productivity and, ultimately a toxic, chaotic environment where virtually nothing gets done.

But what if every team member was consistently on the same page?

What if, 24/7, there was a mutual understanding and enthusiasm about the goals and priorities, and a shared knowledge of the tasks and assignments needed to achieve them?

Gaining the Leader’s Advantage has the power to bring this kind of ongoing atmosphere to your team, creating an unprecedented culture of cohesiveness and cooperation.

This translates into people served or profits earned, so whether nonprofit, business, government … you achieve more priorities and achieve more of those things that truly matter.

This program will help you and your team:

  • Zero in on what matters so you can prioritize and delegate with higher efficiency

  • Ask better questions so that communications are vastly improved, with less chance of misunderstandings

  • Reduce complexity so that every team member will have a better handle on the mission and what’s required to achieve it

  • Make, and better execute, your action plans so that you have higher, more consistent productivity

  • Troubleshoot problems more quickly so you don’t get stuck in a quagmire of inefficiency that plagues so many other teams

  • Make decisions that move things forward, and empower team members to do the same

  • Ensure everyone is focusing on the right things and that no one deviates from the tasks at hand

  • Create a culture of confidence, positive momentum and morale

  • Do those things that create a forceful team dynamic that will make the biggest difference moving forward

As a leader you want to see your plans come to fruition.

You want a plan that works for everyone on your team.

Being able to reach clarity quickly and knowing exactly where to take action are two of your most essential tools right now.

Gaining the Leader’s Advantage can help you make that happen!

I realized I didn’t need help managing my staff … I needed help finding time for myself. Gary regularly walked me through scenarios that clearly identified that the organization has so much potential and I had the skills and experience to move it to bigger and better things.


Gary provides a wealth of knowledge in leadership, which has helped move our organization into a much more mature state. We feel better equipped to tackle the opportunities. 

Executive Director

You probably kept me from stepping on my own land mines.  Many thanks.


Very powerful …it was like having a telescopic view.


What You Receive:

  • Well over one hour of in-depth training, accompanied by purposefully designed slides to clearly show the practicality of using Clarity & Momentum.

  • Case studies to illustrate exactly how to use the Clarity & Momentum Model. For instance, follow a Start-Up Success as they deal with their situation. Work through Navigating the Downturn with a more established organization.

  • You get more than 40 pages of illustrated workbook, and 21 highly-focused exercises, all designed to help you immediately apply the learning.

  • And you will be able to view personalized video messages from Gary, to enlighten, encourage and enable you to begin using this training to your advantage even before you have completed the course.

Gary Wood, Instructor

Gary Wood

After years of leading and working alongside leaders, and tens of thousands of hours of successful coaching and training, Executive and Leadership Performance Coach, Gary Wood knows how to zero in on what matters.

Since 1998, Gary has assisted leaders and professionals (corporate, business, government, nonprofit, ministry) to maximize contribution and achievement while minimizing those things that can lead to overload and burnout.