Along with many of my trained colleagues, I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach. ICF is the International Coach Federation, the most widely recognized credentialing organization in the professional coaching industry.

Individual training organizations issue executive coaching certification credentials to their students. This is very much an area where you as a consumer need to do your homework.

For instance, I graduated from Corporate Coach University many years ago – and that after having gone through Coach University. CCU is an extensive program of coach training aimed specifically at preparing professionals to serve the corporate and business coaching market. Training there is rigorous. It takes time. You don’t get through it fast.

There are initials of every sort in the marketplace. Some “courses” and “training organizations” may have impressive sounding certifications and credentials, but closer inspection may reveal weak understanding of what it is you as an executive are facing and little ability to coach you to address those things that are priorities to you.

Just be careful in making your choices.

Gary Wood
PCC Professional Certified Coach
BCC Board Certified Coach
CMCC Certified Master Christian Coach

The original ICF Professional Certified Coach Credential, reads:

The International Coach Federation is honored to confer upon Gary Wood the designation of Professional Certified Coach. The designation is earned by demonstrating knowledge and proficient use of core coaching skills through a comprehensive application and exam process designed to ensure high standards for the coaching profession and the clients it serves.

Awarded this day December 30, 2005.
Signed by the ICF President and the ICF Executive Director.