Equip yourself with the wisdom-based leadership and team skills  to navigate today’s high-intensity challenges.

It’s time to equip yourself with wisdom-based leadership and team skills.

Because the companies, causes, projects and programs of this decade require leaders who know how to think things through – thoroughly and quickly. The Clarity & Momentum Framework is a think-it-through system for moving from uncertainty to action to achievement.

Clarity & Momentum Team & Leader Training – If you lead a team, I’ll train you, and you train your team. THIS is a difference-maker for teamwork.

Wise leaders and professionals know how to think through situations in ways that others don’t or can’t. Things are just too complex to be without these skills if you want to provide high-value contribution in 2021, 2022 and beyond.

Other Clarity & Momentum Thinking Courses

These courses are also listed on my ActionPlanAchiever.com site.

Getting Unstuck and Gaining Traction – It does what it says. An inexpensive way to learn the basics and get unstuck. Quick and to the point.
Gaining the Achiever’s Advantage – Achievers get things done. Most people with any kind of a job today need to be an achiever.
Gaining the Leader’s Advantage – No one should be advanced in any position of leadership or management without first having taken this course.
Strengthening Your Advantage – Live-by-webinar. A comprehensive, in-depth training on Clarity & Momentum, Level I and II.
Expanding Your Advantage – Live-by-webinar. Strengthening Your Advantage. Comprehensive, in-depth. Level III.
Coaching for Clarity & Momentum – Live-by-webinar. A custom training for Christian coaches offered through Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

Getting Unstuck and Gaining Traction

If you’re stuck now, or could be stuck tomorrow, you CAN regain traction and drive forward with purpose once again.

Gaining the Achiever's Advantage

An achiever gets things done. Focus like a laser beam on those things that will make the biggest difference moving forward.

Gaining the Leader's Advantage

Enhance your ability to lead, manage and contribute. Then have your whole team increase their ability to achieve priorities.

Strengthening Your Advantage

Gain an in-depth knowledge of Clarity & Momentum Thinking. Be that go-to contributor who always brings top-level insight.

Expanding Your Advantage

Expand your ability even more, to zero in on what’s happening, what’s needed and what’s next.

Coaching for Clarity & Momentum

Christian Coaches – Be thoroughly equipped to deliver above-and-beyond, breakthrough value to individuals and organizations.


Gain an Advantage with these Online Wisdom-based Leadership and Team Skills

Clarity & Momentum Thinking is as simple or deep as you need it to be. Use it as a way of thinking, a model or methodology, or a dashboard to refer to and run in the background. This means it can ultimately  help you get more informed options, solutions, strategic execution, and achieved outcomes. These are the new leadership and team skills you will need to navigate the constant change that characterizes this next decade.

Ultimately, Clarity & Momentum Thinking will give you an ADVANTAGE in life, work and leadership.


Balance, Not Burnout – Free eBook

A LOT of leaders feel like they’re “running on empty.” Maybe you’re one of them. This eBook is a roll-up-your-sleeves guide to help you deal with overload and burnout. It’s totally practical. There isn’t a lot of fluff. In just a few pages you’ll find your first worksheet.

After spending many thousands of hours coaching leaders and executives dealing with overload and burnout, I’m giving YOU a starting point to gain insight, take action and beat burnout.