Stop. Sometimes a Leader or Professional Just Has To.

Sometimes we simply have to stop. So, know how to stop. It may take clear-headed thinking, another individual or circumstances to make us stop. To keep investing time, energy and money is to get diminishing returns or worse, nothing at all.

Having the good sense to call a halt is a tough decision. But you can do it, and from time to time you must. Whatever is invested to this point can be added up to experience learned. You have now learned how not to do it, and that is a valuable lesson that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Face it. Continuing forward is an exercise in futility. You are losing valuable time and energy that can be better redirected. Turn yourself and the workforce around and move in a new direction.

“Since, as an adult, it is no one’s responsibility to tell me what I need to know, what is it that I must tell myself? These are questions that will be answered only in the stillness that allows the hearing of difficult truths and in the slowness that allows me to notice them.”

Dr. David Kundtz, Stopping

Five Days of Action

How do you feel about abandoning or shelving something you have put a lot of time and effort into? In the past, what has it taken you to let go of pursuing a path that just wasn’t working? Does it go against the type of person you are? Are you adept at it? Think about this area of your life and how becoming more effective at it could benefit you and your organization.

Given your personal or company situation, what signals usually indicate it’s time to let go and move forward? Make this list and train others to use it. It will put time on your side and money in your pocket.

Practice giving others around you (family, staff, departments) the freedom to STOP and move in new directions. They will probably surprise you in good ways.

Today be aware of making adjustments more quickly. Get clear about the desired outcomes of key projects and programs. If current actions are not demonstrably moving you closer to achieving them, change course today.

Review projects that you might have had to let go in the past. In light of new circumstances, are any of them worth the time and energy of another look? Don’t reinvest energy unless it is warranted. Examine them with an unattached attitude.