Leaders, executives, coaches, trainers, consultants, developers of people, decision-making professionals, advisers:

Up Level your Goal Setting, Prioritizing and Strategizing Skills
With the Most Results-Driven Clarity & Momentum Training Yet;

So You Can Go Deeper, Farther, Faster

Introducing Strengthening Your Advantage, a comprehensive planning, troubleshooting and decision-making system that will help you shine a spotlight on your priorities and the necessary actions to accomplish each one.

This is it. The comprehensive deep dive into each area of the Clarity Model you’ve been looking for, so you can truly be a game changer in your organization.

In This Course You Will Receive:

  • model to visualize where you are and what needs to happen next

  • methodology to assess what action will make the biggest difference moving forward

  • The means to be a high-value contributor in your company, community or organization

  • mind tool, a personal think-it-through, top-of-mind system that you will use throughout your life, work and leadership, to achieve more of those things that are true priorities

Plus you’ll get interactive exercises that will help you apply the learning right away to those real-time situations you deal with every day.

If you’re tired of trainings that are overwhelming, where you get inundated with material at the beginning and are left to your own devices to sort out the most relevant lessons, then you’re in luck.

Strengthening Your Advantage is a robust training that is layered, where the model is built, concept by practical concept, to make sure you can lock in the learning. 

You’ll start to use the Clarity Model on the first week of training, and it will have an immediate and lasting benefit not only to yourself but also to those you work with, regardless of where they fall on the organizational chart.

It’s that powerful.

Let’s take a look at the improvements you’ll see in yourself and those you influence:

  • Troubleshoot problems, challenges or road-blocks

  • Improve short, medium or long-term planning

  • Improve decision-making

  • Create or take advantage of opportunities

  • Better direct or lead people

  • Improve your ability to communicate and be understood

This material is the result of 20 years of successful real world application of the Clarity & Momentum Framework

What you will experience is the culmination of two decades of research and in-the-trenches, proven-practical experience with leaders, executives, coaches and consultants.

And now it’s available to you.

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Here’s what you get:

  • 12 hours of online, practical ready-to-apply instruction

  • Interaction with other professionals around real-time application, insight and learning

  • Over 200 pages of curriculum and workbook content

  • Over 50 self-paced exercises so you can apply the learning directly to your situation and area of expertise

  • Loads of practical case studies illustrating the learning

Strengthening Your Advantage is light years ahead of your garden-variety goal-setting program.  You’ll quickly focus on only the goals that will make the biggest impact and cast the deepest footprint on your organization’s overall mission and objectives.

You’ll gain a profound understanding of the DNA of Clarity & Momentum Thinking and how to be able to incorporate that as your “operating system” while working with others.

Here are 7 ways you can quickly apply your training:

  • Learn the model and immediately benefit those you serve during the next week.

  • Troubleshoot organizational, work and personal situations that have proven difficult to analyze. Zero in on what’s really going on and pinpoint solutions.

  • Start creating plans that are more well thought out, taking into account all the elements needed to make implementation more effective.

  • Begin examining the situations where your mission-critical contribution is required, through the Clarity & Momentum lens.

  • Use the self-paced exercises to lock in the learning and instantly transfer this knowledge to those you serve and the practical situations you deal with.

  • Access the Curriculum for practical and easy implementation thanks to the multitude of case studies, illustrations, slides and explanations.

  • Nimbly move back and forth between big picture and minute details using your new toolkit.

You’ll be immersed in a highly interactive learning environment as you listen to how other participants are implementing the training, discuss what learning has been taking place and have unrestricted opportunity for asking questions and increasing understanding.

Strengthening Your Advantage is a must-have for any serious leader or professional looking to gain an edge, accomplish more meaningful goals and create a consistently winning culture in your organization.

“Simple and flexible enough to apply to every situation and – at the very same time – sophisticated and complex enough to build a meaningful decision-making framework around.”

Sandi Martin, Financial Planner, Spring Financial Planning

“I am confident in the results it will produce. Anyone who works with or for people can benefit from Clarity Training.”

Christine Kilby, Mediation and Dispute Resolution

“When time is money, clarity is imperative in providing leadership to any organization. Clarity Training has provided me a versatile tool to use in various settings to help my coaching clients gain clarity faster.”

Charles Hooper, Jr., Executive Coach

“The Clarity Model has been a breakthrough tool for my coaching clients.

Having a visual model has enabled them to examine “what needs to happen?” objectively and with amazing clarity and ownership of their next powerful action.

It’s a wonderful tool for getting unstuck and for moving forward. Using the Clarity Model as a coach has been easy, fun and added a fantastic return on investment in the coaching relationship.”

Lorraine Richmond, Leadership Coaching

“I consult with churches and leaders across three provinces in Canada. Every client whom I’ve introduced to the Clarity approach has found it valuable. It helps them to identify where they’re stuck and what they need to do particularly, to move forward. It increases their confidence and their ability to handle similar problems in the future.

Signing up for training in the clarity approach has been one of the best decisions of my year.”

“The Clarity Model is simple but profoundly effective. The magic in the Clarity Model is how quickly clients understand where they are in the journey towards their goals.

When I share the model visually there is invariably a spark of excitement that says, “Yes, I understand now.” Whether it is in creating a new ministry or working towards financial freedom, the Clarity Model is simple to work with and produces solid results. My clients are walking away with greater understanding of the overall process and the actions needed to reach their goals.”

Bill Graybill, D.Min., CPCC, Thrive on Purpose Life Coaching

“Rarely (if ever) have I been introduced to something so powerful that can provide client traction from the conceptually abstract and progressing to the most practical concrete outcome in one fluid motion.”

John Messer, former Pharmacist, Pastor, Counselor and for several years now, Leadership-Life Coach

“Helped me think outside the box and address the issues that were present for me at work.


“The brilliance of this program cannot be over-stated. Gary Wood has combined his knowledge, experience and skill into developing a cohesive program that incorporates innovative technology with the excellence of his outstanding ability to coach anyone on anything.


Gary Wood

Gary Wood

After years of business and nonprofit leadership, and tens of thousands of hours of successful coaching and training, Executive and Leadership Performance Coach, Gary Wood knows how to zero in on those few things that can make the difference and strengthen the advantage.

Gary has made it a focus to craft courses and resources that are immediately usable to support leaders and professionals through unusual periods of stress and critical decision-making.