Four Days of Focus

The Advantages of Focus

Four Days of Focus – This is your opportunity to start, finish or make significant progress on a project that is important to you. In one sense it really doesn’t matter what the project is or what phase of execution you are engaged upon. What does matter is that you … Read More

What is SMART Goal Setting?

What is SMART goal setting? You hear about it a lot when wanting to achieve priorities and while it may not be the perfect goal setting and achieving activity, it is probably the most referred to. Those who use it consistently will probably be achieving far more than those who … Read More

Create a Plan to Achieve Your Priorities

Do you have a plan to achieve your priorities? Do you wonder how you can ever accomplish those things that are important to you, how you can turn your dreams into reality? It is possible … sure, maybe not all of them, but certainly many of them. Here’s a plan to work toward … Read More

Leadership and Priorities

Exceptional leaders understand the difference between results and priorities. Leadership and priorities should always go together. After all isn’t achieving priorities what leadership is all about? Results are what happens. Priorities are those few things that will make the biggest difference. Results may or may not achieve priorities. Getting results … Read More