7 Reasons I Wouldn’t be Without the Clarity Model

Key reasons for knowing the Clarity Model

  Here are 7 reasons I wouldn’t be without the Clarity Model. All of them relate to the fact that on any given day I need to move priorities forward. It doesn’t matter what hat I happen to have on, personal, professional or leader, I need the tools to get the … Read More

Get the Action Plan Advantage

Action Plan Achiever

Want an Action Plan Advantage? What are your desired outcomes from this upcoming week, the next quarter or the year ahead? What do you need to do to make those things happen … … find a solution? … take advantage of an opportunity? … troubleshoot something that isn’t working? … … Read More

Tame Your Long To-Do List

To Do List

Do you have your to-do list with you? Simply writing an assortment of to-dos on a list doesn’t mean it is the final list. Every individual and organization creates lists. We call them action plans. Sometimes they’re big like a strategic plan covering many years, large workforces, several countries and … Read More

Beacon Bible Camp and the Origins of the Clarity Model

Beacon and the Clarity Model

I’ve been asked a number of times before, “How did the Clarity Model get started?” So, here’s the backstory – the origins of the Clarity Model. The model really had its genesis back in the early to mid 90’s when Alice and I set aside business for a time and … Read More

Jan, 2015 Clarity Training Registration Now Open

Clarity Training bears fruit for a lifetime.

Registration for the January, 2015 Clarity Training with Executive and Personal Effectiveness Coach, Gary Wood is now open. If you are a Christian business owner, coach, leader, manager, consultant or professional who needs to (by yourself, in a team or by coaching others): Think through immediate situations Create awareness Troubleshoot problems … Read More

Clarity Training is Essential

Every job needs the right tools.

I operate under a simple belief. Every Christian leader and professional should have Clarity Training in their tool box. Clarity Training is essential. I believe any new leadership team should absolutely understand the Clarity Model. I believe any organization that wants to be successful should ensure Clarity Training for their … Read More