7 Reasons I Wouldn’t be Without the Clarity Model

Key reasons for knowing the Clarity Model

  Here are 7 reasons I wouldn’t be without the Clarity Model. All of them relate to the fact that on any given day I need to move priorities forward. It doesn’t matter what hat I happen to have on, personal, professional or leader, I need the tools to get the … Read More

Get the Action Plan Advantage

Action Plan Achiever

Want an Action Plan Advantage? What are your desired outcomes from this upcoming week, the next quarter or the year ahead? What do you need to do to make those things happen … … find a solution? … take advantage of an opportunity? … troubleshoot something that isn’t working? … … Read More

Clarity Consultation

Complimentary Clarity Consultation For a one time Clarity Consultation, contact one of the Clarity Trained Coaches below. If you need more information about them, visit their website. These coaches do not work for G.E.Wood and Associates. Listing their businesses is complimentary because they have taken advanced Clarity Model Training with … Read More

Clarity Model Training Endorsements

Executive Leadership Coaching and Training

From a Few of Our participants: Clarity Model Training Endorsements The Clarity Model is a foundational, versatile and essential tool for any coach or leader who wishes to help others clarify and achieve their goals. The depth of the model is surprising, and the application potential is limitless. It truly … Read More

Make the Tough Decision

Make the Tough Decisions

Make the tough decision. Right or wrong, a tough decision changes the dynamic and moves things in a new direction. Making tough decisions brings clarity for moving forward. With wisdom and practice your decision making can improve and you will make far more good decisions than poor ones. If the … Read More