Business Leadership Coaching

Business Leadership Coaching

Business leadership coaching is a strategic investment. Working with a seasoned coach creates a confidential setting in which to discuss personal performance and think through important aspects of business that influence competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. It allows the owner or executive to talk through and flesh out strategy, discuss … Read More

Reasons for Executive Coaching

Reasons for leadership coaching

Since we began tracking reasons for executive coaching in 1998, twelve distinct ‘themes’ have emerged. These are the broad areas that our leaders have consistently requested coaching on. 1. Personal, Professional and Organizational Performance 2. Critical Conversations and Decision Making 3. Day-to-Day Issues and Long Term Strategic Planning 4. Motivating, … Read More

Difference Between Corporate Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring

Here is a very good article outlining the difference between corporate coaching, counseling and mentoring. In my opinion it is well worth the read as you consider how coaching is used within your organization. “Coaching” as a professional term has of course become a fad word over the last number … Read More

Executive Leadership Development Program

If you are working on an executive leadership development program, either of your own making or as formalized by your organization, at some point it will be imperative that you work with an Executive Coach. The benefits are significant and the highly personal focus is truly leading edge because it’s … Read More