The Servant Leadership Smart Management Imperative

On the Job Leadership

The Servant Leadership Smart Management Imperative   “How Can I Serve You?” This one question captures the servant leadership, smart management mindset. There are books in my library that I continue to go back to over time. Often my return visit is to a single well marked page or two, … Read More

What Makes Christian Coaching Different?

What makes Christian coaching different? We believe Christian coaching has four distinctive characteristics appreciated by faith-based leaders and executives who work with us. Author Gary Collins highlights these in in his 2001 book, Christian Coaching. God Centered Worldview – “Christian coaches use many of the same techniques that are used … Read More

Supplement Your Seat Of the Pants Learning

New responsibilities? It’s definitely a growing experience … growing by the seat of your pants. Maybe it’s time to supplement your seat of the pants learning. Do you have a new position, new people to work with and new projects or programs to carry through to completion? Growing by the … Read More