Tame Your Long To-Do List

To Do List

Do you have your to-do list with you? Simply writing an assortment of to-dos on a list doesn’t mean it is the final list. Every individual and organization creates lists. We call them action plans. Sometimes they’re big like a strategic plan covering many years, large workforces, several countries and … Read More

Want to Find More Time? Do Ditch Delegate Delay.

Do Ditch Delegate Delay

Do Ditch Delegate Delay. The four words strung together almost sound lyrical but they can help you create more time and get more done. Throw it in the garbage. Say “No.” Get it off your desk. Ditch it. Give it to the appropriate person to deal with. Delegate it. Put … Read More

Read Books on Time Management

Read Books on Time Management

The key to developing new habits is to first develop the mind. Therefore read books on time management. It is in our thinking that the seeds of better practices are planted. Read to feed you mind with ideas and techniques that have been used to help others reach greater effectiveness. Including … Read More

Group Lesser Tasks and Gain Efficiencies

Group Lesser Tasks

Group lesser tasks. Some tasks are repetitive and can be done in the same time period for greater effectiveness. Reviewing related documents, returning calls and responding to email are examples of a series of individual tasks that can be grouped at one particular time. You need to return several phone … Read More

Time Management – The Law of the Vital Few

Managing your time is all about managing yourself. Time Management, The Law of the Vital Few says that the clock isn’t the most important thing to concentrate on. Often we think it’s about managing segments, little chunks of time measured in hours, half hours, quarter hours or less. Then our attempt … Read More