10 Areas of Life Work Balance

Life-work balance is more than stuffing other things in around work. It is having an intentional plan to do well in all areas of life. You may be experiencing job burnout because your thinking is faulty. Let’s start giving thought to a better future, one that includes finding balance. How … Read More

Work Views of Family can Contribute to Burnout

The work views of family can contribute to burnout – I hear from my clients that far too many organizations consider work and family as two separate things that never meet. You’re here to work, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your family. Crank out the work results and all … Read More

Lawyer Burnout and Work Life Balance

Would lawyer burnout surprise you? How about connecting lawyer burnout and work life balance? Not likely, and even less so if you read  this great post from Houston, Texas, criminal defense lawyer, Mark Bennett, that lays out the issue of work-life balance from the criminal lawyer’s perspective. A great read … Read More

Work-Life Balance, a Work in the Park

For what I think is a good perspective on work-life balance for one self-employed leader, I suggest you read Tim Grey’s post. His might be the case of having  your cake and eating it too. The post caught my attention because I spent today writing at Gull Lake Park overlooking … Read More

An Examination of Work-Life Balance

An examination of work-life balance is on the minds of the Lattice Group, who describe themselves as a grassroots campaign to get young people to consider the issues of work-life conflicts in their own lives. Considering these are the men and women who are our emerging leaders, their voice is … Read More

Job Burnout Who’s At Risk and What Are the Symptoms?

Job burnout who’s at risk and what are the symptoms? Ohio Health Online provide a simple and practical article titled, “Job Burnout, Understanding Symptoms and Taking Action.” The article notes you may be more prone to experience job burnout and at risk  if: You identify so strongly with work that … Read More