Team and Leadership Skills to Navigate an Uncertain and Off-Balance 2021 – 2022

Today’s team and leader training for executives, managers, directors, board chairs, and teams

Create a culture of thinking and collaboration that helps you and your team ask better questions, and troubleshoot the problems of 2021 – 2022 more thoroughly. With these tools you can increase productivity while diminishing the stress and conditions that can lead to overload and burnout.

“I first began seriously observing, understanding, and developing Clarity & Momentum Thinking with leaders experiencing overload and burnout, about 22 years ago. I can help you gain a working understanding in one sitting, in about 90 minutes. And importantly, I can help you use it right away with YOUR team.” Executive and Leadership Performance Coach, Gary Wood

Executive and Leadership Performance Coach Gary Wood

“Signing up for training has been one of the best decisions of my year.” John

“Easily repeated and shared with individuals, boards or teams.” Fran

“Using the clarity model has accelerated results with everyone.” John

“Helps to identify problems and solutions simultaneously.” Christine

“Boy, do I wish I had this tool earlier in life.” Lisa

Create a Culture of Thinking and Collaboration

You already know that the challenge of leading a team is bringing everyone into alignment around a mutual understanding of the objective and the effort it will take to achieve it.

That means you work constantly to create an environment where people work together well, believe they make a difference, and consistently contribute their best to achieve the results that matter.

Clarity & Momentum Thinking will give you a less stressful way of working with people. This quick team and leader training will increase you and your team’s capacity to execute. Which means …

  • Not one leader should be promoted or considered for succession
  • No well-meaning individual should become a member or chair on a board
  • Absolutely no one should lead or manage people every day
  • No one should be assigned to head up a project or program
  • Not a single leader or manager should go through another review

UNLESS and UNTIL … they learn and practice Clarity & Momentum Thinking

Your Training Will Take About 90 Minutes

It could be the 90 minutes that will change everything for you and your team. Learning the fundamentals in a way that allows you to start using them immediately doesn’t take long. You’ll be:

  • More productive
  • Less stressed
  • Seen as a go-to team
  • Executing on tasks, projects and programs with a dynamic that catches the attention of clients, executives and stakeholders
  • Less likely to be creating the conditions that contribute to overload and burnout in staff or leaders


Learn Online Then Train Your Own Team

You and your staff can take self-paced training online at any time. It’s less cost. Start right now if you wish. Of course you do not have the benefit of live Q & A as you learn, but I’ve given you what you need to know to begin implementing right away. Still, to discuss the real-time application of team and leader training, you can access me during one of our Masterminds.

With the learning and resources supplied, you can introduce and foster a Clarity & Momentum advantage right across your whole team or organization. Materials are immediately usable, and you can post them in a prominent place in every office or work space for immediate use.


“Fantastic … another great contribution.” Andrew

“Simple and flexible enough to apply to every situation.” Sandi

“This is so brilliant.” Barbara

“One of the best toolkits to turn things around.” Phil

Or, I’ll Train You and Your Team

Alternately, you can learn live with me, Master Trainer, Gary Wood. It may well be worth the additional cost. For that I have three options:

    1. Open Registration – Sign up for a listed course as it comes up.
    2. Team Registration – I’ll train your team exclusively, if you assign enough people to attend. No one else will be there.
    3. Private Training – I provide a one-to-one exclusive training just for you, or for one of your leaders.

I want your Clarity & Momentum efforts to succeed. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss what’s best for you and your team.

Here’s What You Will Receive

  • Options to take your training when you need it and how you like it, in one focused, “down-to-business” training
  • Practical training purposefully designed to clearly show the flexibility of using Clarity & Momentum when and how you need it.
  • A suite of leadership and team skills which can give you and your team an advantage in planning and execution.
  • A no-fluff, exactly-what-you-need, one-sheet reference guide, to refer to at any time in order to gain forward movement.
  • After-training support to make sure you lock-in the learning and apply it where you need it

If you are a business, this translates into profits earned.
If you are nonprofit, government or ministry, this translates into people served. 

“Impressed with the opportunity for hands-on application.” Jennifer

“Using the Clarity Model everyday.” Charles

“One of the best classes I have ever taken.” Dorita

“Simple but profoundly effective.” Bill

“This model has the potential to bridge the communications gap … Highly recommended.” Renee

I’ll Help You Implement

After you take Clarity & Momentum Team & Leader Training, you can attend our Implementation Group Mastermind. Here you can further discuss introducing and applying Clarity & Momentum Thinking in your own setting.

That means you get SIGNIFICANT SUPPORT … as you implement.

We’ll even create a live implementation support group JUST FOR YOUR TEAM, if you assign enough people to attend.


Ensure Everyone is Focused on the Right Things

Being able to reach clarity quickly and knowing exactly where to take action are two of your most essential strategic advantages right now.

This inexpensive and easily-completed online team and leader training will help you and your team:

  • Zero in on what matters so you can prioritize and delegate with higher efficiency
  • Ask better questions so that communications are vastly improved, with less chance of misunderstandings
  • Reduce complexity so that every team member will have a better handle on the mission and what’s required to achieve it
  • Make, and better execute, your action plans so that you have higher, more consistent productivity
  • Troubleshoot problems more quickly so you don’t get stuck in a quagmire of inefficiency that plagues so many other teams
  • Make decisions that move things forward, and empower team members to do the same
  • Ensure everyone is focusing on the right things and that no one deviates from the tasks at hand
  • Create a culture of confidence, positive momentum and morale
  • Do those things that create a forceful team dynamic that will make the biggest difference moving forward

Further Executive Leadership Coaching is Available

And, assuming I have availability, you can always access one-to-one coaching for you or any of your key leaders. I’m very thankful to be a highly-regarded Executive and Leadership Performance Coach who’s worked with leaders across many sectors, for over 22 years.

For today’s professional … COACHING is HUGE. Do not pass up the opportunity to be coached or see that your key leaders and managers benefit from this one-to-one transformative experience. Elevate your capacity for work, leadership, and life.

I only take a small number of leaders and professionals at any one time. First, take Clarity & Momentum Team & Leader Training. Then, have a conversation with me to discuss participation in the larger program.

To Summarize Team and Leader Training

“The Clarity & Momentum Framework is a foundational, versatile, and essential tool for any leader who wishes to help others clarify and achieve their goals. The depth of the model is surprising, and the application potential is limitless. It truly is one of those tools every leader should have! Diane

“Gary provides a wealth of knowledge in leadership, which has helped move our organization into a much more mature state. We feel better equipped to tackle the opportunities.” Executive Director

“Having a visual model has enabled them to examine “what needs to happen” objectively and with amazing clarity and ownership of their next powerful step. It’s a wonderful tool for getting unstuck and moving forward.” Lorraine

Clarity & Momentum Team & Leader Training will help you and your organization in setting goals and achieving them … not just any goals … but those that will make the biggest difference in getting to the desired outcomes no matter where the starting point is.

This is like a leading edge, must-have “operating system,” a “framework” for any professional who works anywhere and with anyone or any group where next steps need to be determined.

  • It can work in any setting.
  • It’s adaptable to other training or methodologies.
  • It helps pinpoint exactly what’s needed.
  • It’s easy to recall.
  • It’s easy to illustrate.

“After many thousands of hours of coaching, training and strategic planning with leaders and professionals in North America and around the world, I can assure you this training will elevate your capacity to be a high-value contributor. I invite you to register now for either the self-paced, or live course.”  Gary Wood