Do You Have a Lot On Your Plate?

Problems. Conflicts. Decisions. Communication breakdowns. Fires to put out. Stress. Overload. Burnout. Not to mention charting the course to the future. What’s the best next step? Work with seasoned leader and coach, Gary Wood, to tackle these tough leadership situations and plan the future with Clarity and Momentum.

How the Clarity & Momentum Model Works

The Clarity & Momentum Model works in any situation and in any setting – corporate, small business, nonprofit, government or ministry.

Obstacles live in one or more of the model’s 5 areas – Clarity, Ownership, Structure, Momentum, and Outcomes.

Through a series of questions for each of the 5 areas, assess what is stopping you and zero in on what’s needed to get moving.

The Clarity Model
I was attracted to the Clarity Model because I needed clarity! I was frozen in limbo, waffling back and forth between options and watching my visions vaporize. I was introduced to effective methods and questions that pulled to the front of my mind that which mattered (clarity) and what to anticipate and address along the path to my desired outcome. The Clarity Model course is complex, yet straight-forward and usable from the start. We are all leaders, of ourselves and/or of others and as such, the Clarity Model will serve you well (outcomes). Frances, RN

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“Moving Projects and Priorities Forward”

Join Gary for an introduction to the Clarity & Momentum Model, where you will learn how to get clarity on your situation and outcomes and get your programs and projects moving.

Private Clarity & Momentum Coaching

We will partner with you one-on-one to optimize you or your team’s performance, set goals, create plans, or whatever area of your leadership you want to focus on. We provide a purpose driven, action oriented, forward thinking approach. And a confidential, non-judgmental space for our conversations. You provide the agenda for our discussion. It’s 100% for you.

We have coached leaders dealing with stress and overload, trying to avoid burnout, wanting more time for family and home life, improving business management strategies, increasing self-confidence and much more.