Sometimes addiction to adrenaline hinders a solution to burnout.

This can be serious. Leaders, executive, entrepreneurs and professionals are candidates and many probably don’t even realize it. Overload and burnout can sometimes be very closely tied with adrenaline levels. When we constantly need to be out facing stressful situations, adrenaline levels need to be up. And when there are consistently “not enough hours in the day”, we may be running on adrenaline. We’ve even coined a modern term for this incessant activity. We call it “hurry disease.” Imagine … “disease”. That can’t be good.

Adrenaline is a drug. It was given by the Creator to get us off and going and responding to the challenges of the day. But too much of it can be harmful. It can be addictive. And people who must be in constant stressful activity and refuse to get out may be every much in bondage as any other addict.

God has rhythm. He created a pattern. It’s good to observe His patterns because they were designed for our benefit. His pattern is six and one, six and one, six and one. In six days, He created. On the seventh He rested.

What’s the point? We need to have rhythm as well. And that consists of periods of activity and intensity followed by periods of renewal and rest. Intensity, rest, intensity, rest. It isn’t so much the six and one we want to emphasize as it is the implementing of the principle of intense activity that is followed by rest and renewal.

We don’t pretend finding that time will be easy at first. But you know, like we do, that it is a key component in preventing so much stress that all too often has been adrenaline intensive.

Look for the opportunity to regularly return to “rest” where you experience renewal and refreshing, where work isn’t on your mind and being on the run isn’t part of your prescription.