Since 1998, I have been profiled as a Christian Coaches Network Executive Coach. I’ve also been privileged to be President, Past President and serve on the Board for CCN over the years. This is truly a great group of professionals to be associated with.

To find my profile at CCN, click on Find a Coach and type, Gary Wood.

Christian Coaches Network is a membership organization of Christian coaching professionals started in 1998. Member coaches represent a broad cross section of life, career, business, ministry and leadership experience, expertise and specialty focus. Member coaches share a common love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a commitment to striving for excellence in delivering their various services, products and programs.

What CCN Does

Christian Coaches Network is exclusively devoted to supporting Christian coaching professionals and connecting them with those who want to find a Christian coach to help achieve transformative life, business, ministry or organizational results.


Members of the Christian Coaches Network represent a variety of denominations and world views in many countries around the world. The Christian Coaches Network welcomes Bible believing coaches who profess the Lordship of Jesus Christ and aspire to live according to His teachings. As a group, we aim to focus on those beliefs and values we hold in common, while supporting one another in professional association.

Mission, Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage the submission of ourselves and the tools of professional coaching to God, so He can use us to support, influence and impact individuals and organizations, both secular and Christian, in ways that reflect Him and His purposes.
  • To reflect the love and grace of God through excellence in professional coaching, exemplifying reverence for the Word of God and acknowledging it as a standard of conduct for believers.
  • To be a resource for Christian leaders, businesses and ministries, providing information and referrals of member coaches to provide a credible and valuable pathway to support others in attaining and fulfilling God’s highest purposes for their lives.
  • To support and encourage coach specific training and continuing education for Christian coaches, reflecting a high professional standard of excellence.