Christian coaching is uniquely positioned to serve today’s busy Christian leaders.

We believe Christian coaching has four distinctive characteristics appreciated by faith-based leaders and executives who work with us. Author Gary Collins highlights these in in his 2001 book, Christian Coaching.

1. God Centered Worldview – “Christian coaches use many of the same techniques that are used by their secular counterparts. But Christian coaching is unique in a number of ways. First and foremost is the biblical worldview that the Christian coach brings to the relationship.”

“Like everyone else, we seek to become aware of our passions, life purposes, inner strengths, and visions for the future. But Christians realize that these are God-given and that we find ultimate fulfillment only when we’re living in accordance with God’s plans. For these coaches, God – not human ingenuity is at the core of their beings, and God is the guide for all coaching work.”

2. Christ Centered Ethic – “If you’re a Christian, seeking to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, you’ll approach every aspect of your life from this perspective. Your commitment to Christ will impact your marriage, parenting, lifestyle, values, spending, time management, vocation, and the perspectives you bring to coaching. What we believe influences who we are and that in turn impacts everything we do.”

3. Sensitive to Spiritual Growth – “Christian coaches encourage people to set their own goals and directions, crystallize their own visions, and formulate their own mission statements and plans of action. But we can’t ignore the clear and final directive of Jesus to his followers: make disciples.

The previous sentence will be challenged by many professional coaches who believe that our role is to be neutral. But no coach can be completely neutral. Even if we strive to keep our values and perspectives tightly hidden, we cheer inside when others move in directions that are consistent with biblical teaching and we’re disappointed when they move away.”

4. Open to Discussing Biblical Truth – “Although the Christian coach is committed to learning and applying the established techniques of coaching, he or she may also pray regularly for the person being coached and is not reluctant to discuss spiritual issues, especially in working with Christians who share worldviews and values similar to those of the coach.”