Coaching and Solutions Focused on
YOUR Real-time Concerns and Long-Game Objectives

We’ve learned over many years of successful coaching, that high-contribution leaders best learn and achieve by making use of an approach similar to the elite athlete’s “exercise-recovery pattern” for building muscle and capacity.

…  followed by

Greater Effectiveness . Less Stress . More Satisfaction.

Coaching Program Overview

The executive leadership development program takes place over the space of one year. It consists of three cycles of three months each. Each cycle and the three months in it is distinct, so you can start at any time. The month following each cycle (see illustration) provides time for implementation and momentum on those things you determined were important to act on and bring to completion.

Our work is focused on
A. Coaching around real-time concerns
B. Increasing long-game capacity in response to your personal, work, and leadership goals and aspirations.


Three months focused coaching and solutions are FOLLOWED BY one month of consolidation to reinforce good strategies, habits, and the application of all you’ve worked on over the previous three months.

Coaching Months

During the “Coaching” months, we meet together regularly to work on your real-time concerns, solutions, and your “long-game” initiatives – personally, professionally, and organizationally. This is an executive leadership development program focused on and responsive to your desired outcomes. We will always be discussing where you are and where you wish to go.

Momentum Month

During the “Momentum” month, you work intentionally on those things you’ve committed to. We’ll take a short break from coaching, so it’s here you can further “lock-in” good strategies, habits and the application of all you’ve worked on over the previous three months.

What Does Each Individual Coaching Month Look Like?

Executive Leadership Development Program Monthly Schedule

Once we are into our coaching routine, you may initiate a conversation more often if needed. And we can adjust the coaching schedule to accommodate your real-time situation. But to get us going, we will schedule three monthly calls to ensure we’ve booked in adequate time to work on your coaching and development goals.

What Do You Need to Work On Right Now?

During our time together, you will regularly be working on both real-time concerns, and increasing long-game capacity. You will choose and engage with a personal or professional development focus that you feel will serve you well in current and future work, life and leadership. We’ll dedicate some of our coaching time to exploring and discovering how you can be intentional about building capacity in this area.


  • Planning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Decision-making
  • Working with people
  • And more …


  • Dealing with overload and burnout
  • Increasing daily productivity and effectiveness
  • Changing possible career limiting behaviors
  • Fostering significant ideas and projects
  • And more …


  • Avoiding responsibility
  • Micromanaging
  • Lack of awareness
  • Poor communication culture
  • And more …

Cost of Program

Call to discuss program details, availability and registration. This is an investment in YOU, or one of your valued leaders. It is not a small investment. However it will provide a return many times over.

Just a Few Leaders at a Time

We accept and work with only twelve leaders at a time. This is quite deliberate. It allows me to be at my best as I serve you.

Of course we’ll be together in our dedicated one-on-one time. During your Momentum month, I set aside some time to consider all you’ve worked on. It’s then I have the space to create assets I think might be of assistance to you, your team or my entire client body. And I practice what I promote to leaders just like you … time in, time on, and time out – just like that elite athlete.

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