Goals for Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching. Make the needed adjustments.

What are your goals for executive coaching? These are the results you want to achieve through working with us … your desired outcomes … those things that really matter and will make the greatest difference moving forward.

We find the goals leaders most often outline break down into a few broad categories and cluster around a handful of key themes.

  • Applying Something – There is a need to focus attention on applying knowledge or resources to a current situation but there is something that hinders it.
  • Adjusting Something – There is some problem to be addressed. Competency, attitude, approach, mindset or strategy needs to be adjusted.
  • Improving Something – Outward circumstances show you are doing well, but you know you can do even better by focusing on specific areas.
  • Leveraging Something – Opportunities exist. Thinking it through and planning how to maximize existing resources and competencies will pay dividends later.
  • Adding Something – Acquiring new personal or professional competencies expands your capacity to be better positioned for future opportunity.
  • What is it that you are seeking to achieve: personally, professionally, organizationally?

    Questions for Clarification

    Complete one or more of these statements to help clarify your executive coaching goals AND the benefits achieving them will give you. You may find it helpful to write your responses down before speaking with us.

  • I want to adjust … to prevent … and enable …
  • I want to improve … which will allow me to …
  • I want to leverage my … to be prepared for …
  • I want to add … to my … in order to …
  • Whether you work with us or with another coaching firm or professional, thinking about these few things will get you off to a good start. Take the time to review them prior to having a conversation with us. And if you feel stuck, no problem, I’ll walk you through it and make sure we are focusing on those things that will make the biggest difference moving forward.

    After many years and tens of thousands of hours of successful Executive Coaching and Clarity Training, Executive Coach Gary Wood knows how to zero in on what matters. Whether dealing with burnout, planning a new initiative or refocusing the organization on priorities, you’re serious and so is he. Get connected.