Before engaging a coach, give serious thought to working with a Professional Certified Coach. All coaches are not equal. While there are many coaches with no ICF certification that do a very good job, serious professionals aim for industry recognition and maintain recognized standards.

The International Coaching Federation have prospective coaches go through a rigorous examination process to be credentialed.

Those coaches who have received these higher and well recognized professional designations subscribe to a Code of Ethics and should be counted on to exhibit high standards of professional conduct. They have accumulated significant hours of client contact and are seasoned veterans in the business.

Gary Wood, PCC – Professional Certified Coach

Gary Wood, President and Senior Coach at G.E.Wood and Associates has the designation from the International Coaching Federation of PCC, Professional Certified Coach.

As of 2009, the International Coaching Federation membership consists of 16,800 coaches in 93 countries. Of that number, only 1,355 worldwide, or 8% have the PCC designation. That is a small number.

Of that percentage, an even smaller group work with leaders and executives as Gary Wood does. Our estimate is the total percentage may be from 1% – 3%.

Engaging the services of G.E.Wood means that you have someone working with you who knows what works and what doesn’t, someone who is able to provide you and your organization with the best service possible, and someone who has committed to ongoing growth and adherence to rigorous professional standards.